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Silvr is reinventing financing for digital companies. Many podcasts have focused on this new financing model, RBF, Revenue-Based Financing. We have decided to group together in this article, the shows in which Silvr was a guest. Listen up 🎧

Do you have 30 minutes? In this article, we have gathered the podcasts in which Silvr was the guest. Here you can discover our selection of podcasts to find out more about financing for digital companies!


=> Finscale by Solenne Niedercorn

#49 - Nima Karimi (Silvr) - Helping e-retailers to finance their acquisition with data

In this episode, Nima Karimi, founder of Silvr, tells us about the success story of the Ecommerce company Le Beau Thé and how Silvr helped accelerate its growth in an incredible way. You'll understand how data production allows for financing and how Silvr enables onboarding and financing in less than 48 hours.

=> Le Panier by Laurent Kretz

#95 - How to finance growth and acceleration with Nima Karimi, founder of Silvr

Le Panier is the podcast that goes out to meet e-tailers to collect their recipes and best practices. In this episode, Nima talks to you about a new financing solution based on an RBF model, designed for digital companies and especially e-retailers. The Fintech finances their acquisition campaigns to accelerate their business.

=> Finteach from France Fintech by Anaëlle Gautier

#16 - Nima Karimi, founder of Silvr

Finteach, France Fintech's podcast that gives a voice to those who are reinventing banking and insurance. Nima was Anaëlle Gautier's guest. Together, they talked about Ecommerce, SaaS, entrepreneurship and above all financing. 30 minutes to discover the new financing methods for digital companies.

So you want more? Stay tuned, we are completing this article daily 🤩

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January 23, 2023
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