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Market trends report

Explore France's recent IT and consulting evolution in our latest report. Gain insights into common financial indicators driving today's market dynamics and anticipate upcoming trends.

About this report

Rapid transformation and post-pandemic adaptation has allowed the French IT and consulting sectors to emerge as key market leaders in the economy.

Grasping financial, market and growth trends provides business leaders with essential context that will guide their operation and interactions within these sectors.

  • 2,400 IT and consulting businesses
  • Data from key years (2020-2022)
  • Regional comparisons across 5 French regions

Key Takeaways


IT leading the charge

IT businesses in France have demonstrated significant growth with a turnover increase of 32%, significantly outperforming the consulting sector which recorded an 18% growth during the same period.


Strategic financial health

Effective debt management rises in both French IT and consulting industries as debt-to-turnover ratios are declining, despite economic uncertainties.


Adopt to compete

Businesses adopting digital transformation and IT innovations in these sectors are achieving higher operational efficiency and market competitiveness, as indicated by the overall positive growth and financial trends in the IT sector.

Key Takeaways

IT dominates

Marked by an turnover increase of 32%, IT beats the consulting sector.

Manage debt

Firms maintain healthy debt-to-turnover ratios despite economic uncertainties.

Adopt to compete

Businesses adopting digital transformation stay competitive.

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