Success Stories
ATLETICA's Success Story and Expansion with Silvr
Success Stories

ATLETICA's Success Story and Expansion with Silvr


Company size

Year founded


Fitness equipment (D2C and B2B)


Mainz, Germany

Target customer

Fitness enthusiasts

Silvr use case

Working capital financing for expansion

Silvr, in one word


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Discover how ATLETICA successfully drives its international expansion in the fitness equipment market with Silvr's business loan...

ATLETICA is an innovative fitness equipment company that aims to inspire people to embrace a healthier lifestyle through personal fitness. Founded just three years ago, they offer high-quality fitness equipment for home use, personalized guidance, and a strong presence on social media. With a focus on international expansion, ATLETICA positively impacts the fitness industry. 

ATLETICA's Mission: “Achieving Greatness Together.” More specifically, it is about inspiring everybody to be more passionate about sport and, as a result, to focus more on our physical and mental health.

We spoke with the CEO, Ivan Lukanov, about ATLETICA's plans and Silvr's role in this.

ATLETICA is only three years old. How did the company become what it is today?

ATLETICA was born out of my passion for fitness. Like many people, I started exercising in the morning at the pandemic's beginning. I quickly noticed how much it improved my mental health. I became fitter, but above all, I became more alert. I wanted to share this feeling with other people.

My motto, and ATLETICA's, is to motivate people to do an hour of sports daily. That one hour can make a significant difference. Our daily lives are often hectic and can bring various sources of frustration. Sports serve as an outlet and a healthy balance that allows us to face the next day mentally stronger. From these observations, the desire arose to make it easier for people to have suitable fitness equipment for their homes. For many, going to the gym is a barrier or an additional time constraint.

Today, we recommend ATLETICA products on an individualized basis and have recently launched our own brand. We have primarily gained recognition and growth through our content on social media. Our next goal is to expand internationally.

What makes ATLETICA successful?

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. I know many companies say the same, but our entire business is built on the experience we provide to our customers. Our content, such as our videos, provides interested individuals with high-quality advice and guidance. In our store, everyone receives personalized advice and equipment demonstrations. We pay close attention to what suits each person and what goals they want to achieve.

What business challenges do you encounter on a day-to-day basis?

Our primary business challenge is inventory financing. We are growing rapidly and must ensure that our stocks rise accordingly and are always secured. Customer needs are also increasing.

Availability and expansion of the product range are essential for our success.

Trust and solution-oriented communication are fundamental values at ATLETICA. It is all the more critical that we adapt our capacities. We must (and want to!) continuously improve and adapt to market requirements to strengthen our position as an innovative and customer-oriented company in the fitness industry.

How was ATLETICA financed before Silvr?

Initially, we were self-financed. Later, we accepted offers from various financing providers.

How did you hear about Silvr?

We learned about Silvr through Qonto. From there, we were able to start a financing request easily and could quickly connect all of our tools. The process was super simple.

What makes Silvr different from other financing providers?

Quite a lot. It starts with the financing inquiry. Other providers require additional bank statements or invoices to be uploaded via PDF in addition to connecting the accounts. In general, before Silvr, we witnessed some highly complex financing systems.Today, we continue to use other bank loans in addition to Silvr. However, applying for financing at the bank is much more administrative in comparison.

Another notable benefit is the personal contact you have at Silvr. This is also not necessarily the case with other providers.

What do you appreciate most about Silvr?

How the loan is repaid at Silvr is fair and ensures you can repay your monthly instalment. In this sense, Silvr offers a predictable financing option—including a straightforward and uncomplicated structured financing contract.

Furthermore, the prospect of another financing round, and therefore a financing partnership over a longer time, also plays into our hands. 

What has Silvr changed for you?

Expanding into other countries and the corresponding pre-financing of our fitness products requires enormous working capital. With Silvr, we are up to this financial challenge.

Has Silvr changed your view of financing solutions in general?

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Financing solutions like Silvr show that digital financing offers that utilize data and smart interfaces are the future.

Why would you recommend Silvr to others?

Silvr works. And it works simply and without complications. Silvr is particularly suitable for companies in the e-commerce sector or companies that generally have a regular and reliable cash inflow forecast.

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