About Silvr

Silvr is a lender for SMEs, founded in 2020 in France by Nima Karimi and Gregory Tappero. We develop next-generation financing solutions to help grow small and medium-sized enterprises. As of the start of 2023, Silvr has extended its operations to Germany, supporting German entrepreneurs in achieving their next milestone.

Silvr has issued over €200 million in loans.

Silvr empowers SMEs to optimize their cash flow flexibly with its forward-thinking platform, providing easy access to short-term financing.

Our data-based scoring technology actively generates loan offers. We require companies to submit their bank statements or connect their bank accounts via open banking, enabling us to evaluate past performance and forecast future income.

Silvr offers entrepreneurs an alternative to finance their business growth flexibly and on short terms.

• Unlike traditional business loans, Silvr financing is flexible and requires no personal collateral.

• Silvr does not collateralize goods or other physical assets compared to conventional debt financing.

• Different from traditional banks, Silvr conducts financial assessments relying solely on a few documents.

Silvr offers an efficient and flexible alternative to traditional financing methods, tailored to individual needs for SMEs.

Silvr has been built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. To best serve our customers, we’ve chosen not to be just another bank. Instead, we position ourselves as a provider of financial services that offers forward-thinking financing solutions tailored specifically for SMEs in both France and Europe. At Silvr, we understand the unique needs of businesses, and our forward-thinking approach ensures that your visions for your business won’t be limited to monetary constraints.

Silvr’s offices in Berlin and Paris welcome visitors anytime. Please have no hesitation in contacting the Silvr Team at contact@silvr.co so we can plan your visit together. You can also connect with us at various events. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out when and where to meet us next.

How it works

SME needs are diverse, and Silvr's financing solutions reflect this. Companies can use Silvr’s business loans in a way that best suits their business strategy. Our business loans are primarily used for:

• Invoice Financing
• Inventory Financing
• Growth Financing
• Or as a Working capital loan

No, Silvr financing does not dilute capital. You retain complete financial and operational control.

With Silvr, you retain complete financial and operational control. It also means that you decide the needs to be covered with your obtained business loan. We won’t interfere and think it is crucial that you find the right financing mix for your business.


All Germany or France-based SMEs with a minimum monthly turnover of €7,000 (France) or an average monthly turnover of €10,000 (Germany) and at least six months of operational history benefit from Silvr's simplified application process. Silvr finances all common legal forms, excluding self-employed/freelancers.

Please note: We cannot offer you a business loan if you have severe financial difficulties.

Silvr does not get business shares, requires no personal collateral, and has no hidden costs.


1. Test your eligibility: Find out within 3 Minutes if you are eligible for Silvr financing.

2. Fill in your request: Upload business information and financial documents and link relevant bank accounts

3. Get your financing offer: You will receive your personalized financing offer within 48 hours.

4. Use your funds: You will receive your business loan on the next banking day after signing the contract.

All businesses are required to provide the following documents:

• Bank statements covering the past 6 months for businesses based in France and 3 months for those based in Germany
• Latest financial statement for loans over 50K for French businesses or over 25K for German businesses
• For German-based businesses: BWA & SuSa
• Sole proprietor: Revenue surplus statement
• Links to all relevant business accounts or account statements via Open Banking

You can be sure that Silvr handles all data with good care. Silvr is the only neolender in Europe that is ISO 27001 certified, which means we fulfill the highest data security standards. Find out more about Silvr’s data protection.

The process is fast once your bank accounts are linked or your documents are uploaded. If you meet the criteria for financing, you can expect to receive your customized loan offer within 48 hours. Upon deciding to proceed with the funding, the payment will be processed on the next banking day after signing the contract.

Business Loans

Our data-based Scoring Technology analyzes your eligibility when you link your bank accounts. If your business qualifies for Silvr financing, you will receive your personalized loan offer within 48 hours. Upon contract approval, the payment will be deposited into your bank account either on the following banking day or on a specific date that better suits your preference.

The loan amount is transferred directly to your business account.

Each business partnering with Silvr is unique, so financing amounts are determined based on individual assessments. Once you receive your offer, you can modify the proposition amount directly in your Silvr Space.


For businesses located in Germany, the repayment of your business loan occurs through fixed weekly installments for 1 to 9 months. For businesses based in France, the repayment period ranges from 1 to 6 monthly installments.

The repayment amount corresponds to the loan amount plus Silvr's commission divided by the number of installments.

Silvr charges a fixed commission between 1% and 12% of the loan amount for processing and providing your loan, depending on the business's key figures.

The percentage of your repayment is fixed for the entire loan period.

For German-based businesses, the repayment installment is usually due one week after the total loan amount has been paid out. If agreed in the contract, we also offer a payment deferral of up to 4 weeks. For businesses based in France, the repayment starts one month after the total loan amount has been disbursed.

The repayment ends when you fully repay the loan amount plus the commission. The repayment period may vary depending on the business.

Renew your funding

We are happy to support you for the long term. That’s why we can provide as much financing as you need. A renewal of financing, meaning a new business loan, can be granted once 40% of the current loan has been repaid. However, please note that a new eligibility check is required for the renewal process.

Data Protection

Ensuring the security of your data is a top priority for Silvr. We consistently design our systems to protect your data, ensuring that all data transmission and storage occur exclusively in encrypted form. Silvr has earned ISO/IEC 27001 certification, underscoring our dedication to the highest information security and data protection standards.

All data shared with us by connecting your bank accounts or uploading your documents within the Silvr platform will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Our access is limited to read-only, preventing any alterations or modifications to the information you entrust to us. We utilize your data solely for generating personalized financing offers and strictly adhere to legal obligations, ensuring that it is never disclosed to third parties.