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OfficeRiders: the European scale-up that offers a wide range of beautiful, original and practical spaces
Success Stories

OfficeRiders: the European scale-up that offers a wide range of beautiful, original and practical spaces

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Discover the new shift in rental space: with OfficeRiders, let's migrate from the coworking model to full space reservation. How is it a win-win?…

Meet Florian Delifer, founder of OfficeRiders. The rental space that reinvents offices, filming locations and meeting rooms. OfficeRiders has secured its cash flow with Silvr to deliver the work experience of tomorrow.

OfficeRiders is scaling up to offer you an increasing number of original and practical spots

Who is Florian Delifer? After gaining a variety of professional experiences – in the sustainable tourism development division at the UN and in a branding consultancy firm – he embarked on his first entrepreneurial adventure. With LittleBigCity, his social discovery app, he spent time in San Francisco. While there, he stayed in an Airbnb rental property. During the day, he observed this empty space being cleverly transformed into a coworking space.

He then realized that, in French homes, many spaces are underutilized. He considered this as “a waste of space, when they could be used by businesses and professionals, as well as Hosts.” OfficeRiders was subsequently launched in 2015, and now facilitates the use and enhancement, for numerous businesses, of more than 1,000,000 m² of unoccupied space in over 3,000 locations as original and spacious as they are practical.

OfficeRiders: rewarded Hosts, satisfied Riders and optimized resources

The OfficeRiders model is a win-win-win set-up. Not only does it enable Hosts to supplement their income and companies to gain access to a wide selection of spaces at competitive rates, but it's also an approach that is perfectly in line with “the digital workplace revolution that has paved the way for the sharing economy. OfficeRiders is part of this eco-friendly rationale of optimizing resources.

“The OfficeRiders model is a win-win-win set-up. Hosts supplement their income, companies gain access to a wide selection of spaces at competitive rates and workspace resources are optimized day and night.”

Florian Delifer, OfficeRiders Founder & CEO

Who are their Riders?

As the OfficeRiders website states, their solutions are made for all companies, “both big and small.” Half of the CAC 40 companies have already used this platform for meetings, training sessions, workshops, team-building exercises, brainstorming sessions, product launches, film shoots, etc.. But it is equally suitable for start-ups, scale-ups, or freelancers (consultants, coaches, chefs, service providers, etc.).

A comprehensive, reliable and accessible solution where everyone wins

OfficeRiders is the workspace Ecommerce business. You select and rent spaces on a one-time basis. It is financed through service fees that are 30 to 50% cheaper than the rest of the market. There are no surprises price-wise, then, only nice surprises about the quality of the available spaces. Guarantee and security: all services are provided via verified professional profiles. There are also additional guarantees for Hosts and Riders. The services are segmented in the platform’s search engine between meetings, events and production. To round off these rental solutions, OfficeRiders also offers a service layer through more than 60 partners: chefs at home, various activities, photo shoots, workshops, sales events, etc.

OfficeRiders offers 3,000 spaces throughout France

Since its inception, OfficeRiders has established a presence in more than 19 major French cities. Its revenue doubled between 2019 and 2022. In 2021, the platform increased its number of available spaces twofold, and its number of Riders rose threefold. This represents more than 1,500 companies that have used the platform to generate revenue of €5M. There are more than 30,000 users, and over 3,000 spaces available for reservation.

Migration of the coworking model to full space reservation

Once the idea had been fully formed, it was necessary to start and launch the business without significant financial resources. It was also vital to build a team of associates to devise the first site based on this concept. Today, there are more than 30 employees who make up the life force of OfficeRiders. On the business side, in order to be sure of scaling up and to “guarantee the economic sustainability of the model, OfficeRiders migrated from a coworking model and booking by mail to a model allowing reservations of entire spaces, for various uses.”

OfficeRiders – Florian Delifer, CEO
OfficeRiders – Florian Delifer, CEO, and some of the beautiful homes offered on the platform

Meeting with Silvr

A strong cash flow gap

Florian Delifer came across Silvr in just 24 hours: he tested his eligibility, made the request and received his financing. He immediately saw it as a financing solution to “make up for their significant cash flow shortfalls.”

“OfficeRiders will surely call on Silvr again, as we quickly received financing that eased our cash flow.”

Florian Delifer, OfficeRiders Founder & CEO

OfficeRiders had “noticed timing differences on their transaction flows with a part of the bookings paid by bank transfer.” These transfers were received two to three months after the check-out date. In addition to this, OfficeRiders’ had made a commitment to pay the Hosts what they are due only 72 hours after check-out. This promise of additional income for Hosts is a robust retention method. But from a financial point of view, it is a major cash flow requirement, which increases during periods of strong growth.

“OfficeRiders is committed to paying Hosts within 72 hours. So we see a substantial cash flow gap, and the cash flow requirement is significant."

Florian Delifer, OfficeRiders Founder & CEO

Silvr finances, OfficeRiders spends to grow

With Silvr taking care of the immediate financing of their invoices, OfficeRiders can free up their growth. Cash flow gaps are covered, and by freeing up this working capital, OfficeRiders can grow serenely even during their busiest periods - like the summer. The development strategy also takes place in the acquisition of new Hosts and Riders. Therefore, Silvr funding ensures the diversification of their advertising investments on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. OfficeRiders therefore also guarantees its growth through these online acquisitions. This relief also serves as an important investment lever for their internationalization business approach.

“Through this financing, we were able to plug the cash flow gaps. We can now develop acquisition and expansion strategies in Europe.”

Florian Delifer, OfficeRiders Founder & CEO

Incidentally, if you are experiencing cash flow problems: apply for Silvr financing.

What's next?

The future looks bright for OfficeRiders! In 2022, the platform aims to accelerate the development of its solutions in the largest French urban centers. By 2023, in Western Europe, OfficeRiders also plans to form partnerships with real estate groups and other players in the workplace of tomorrow.

And whether you're a SaaS business, an e-tailer, a DNVB or a mobile app, etc.: follow in the footsteps of OfficeRiders, and unlock financing within 24 hours with Silvr.

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