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Product Updates
Silvr now addresses SMBs with Capital Line
Product Updates

Silvr now addresses SMBs with Capital Line

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Silvr expands its horizons, welcoming brick-and-mortar businesses alongside digital ventures - prioritizing growth and stability for SMBs.

Having deployed over €150M to e-commerce and SaaS business owners, Silvr extends its services to SMBs, aiming not just to foster their growth but also to fortify and stabilize their operations. Silvr was created to take a chance on business owners that wanted to invest in their business and spread the financial impact of their projects over time. Silvr provides support through growth loans of up to €1,000,000, with revenue based financing or fixed installments. By working with Silvr, business owners can invest in their tech and inventory, finance market research, expand their markets, finance new production costs, and create a great place to work.

What is Capital Line?

Silvr's Capital Line offers a 12-month financing plan with multiple short-term loans, helping businesses lock in fees for subsequent installments. Funding beyond e-commerce and SaaS business owners, Capital Line caters to small businesses, addressing diverse capital needs. Capital Line makes funding far more accessible by further solidifying its commitment to providing reliable services and support. The 12-month credit line allows founders to access their capital in 48 hours and provide them with the visibility they need to refine their cash flow forecasts. This is prevalent for seasonal businesses as they are able to protect their cash flow while investing in inventory. Silvr’s data informed cash flow financing allows businesses to:

  • Unlock more funds as they pay back
  • Align their payments with their performance
  • Secure their total cost of debt

New streamlined application flow

Silvr’s new streamlined application flow enables businesses to apply for funding within 5 minutes while ensuring immediate pre-eligibility. When businesses connect their revenue platforms and banks, it enables Silvr to conduct data analysis for swift pre-eligibility determination. With a fine-tuned scoring process, Silvr rapidly assesses liquidity, cash levels, and the funding required to support operations, providing results on eligibility status.

With integration capabilities expanded to 40 revenue platforms, four times more than before, Silvr gains a comprehensive understanding of the operations and financial health of a business. This data-driven evaluation ultimately allows Silvr’s experts to tailor diverse solutions that align with the performance fluctuations of businesses, while businesses are able to reduce inefficient resources and plan their next projects with precision.

Apply for Capital Line here

Disclaimer: Each financing is subject to Capital Line’s eligibility criteria.
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