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femtasy: Yes To Campaign Scaling, No To Cash Flow Risks
Success Stories

femtasy: Yes To Campaign Scaling, No To Cash Flow Risks


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femtasy was looking for convenient and simple financing. Discover the journey with Silvr and how it changed femtasy's campaign financing...

femtasy is an exciting concept launched in 2018 for women to explore and enjoy erotic stories and podcasts through audiobooks. The founders, Julie and Michael, have designed femtasy to be female-centric as “the world has been about men for too long!” We were fortunate enough to sit down and chat with Michael Holzner, Co-Founder & COO, about the growth of femtasy and Silvr’s role in it.

Can you tell us a little more about femtasy?

femtasy makes sensual audio stories. We have over 2000 stories and audiobooks to choose from. It’s been our passion for over five and a half years. Our audiobooks and podcasts are available in German, English, and French. We’re passionate about what we offer; it’s aimed at women because we feel this industry has been geared towards men’s needs for too long.

What is behind femtasy’s success?

It’s the idea behind femtasy that makes us successful. We offer a completely digital product. We have hardly any competition and an emotional brand. Above all, we have great content that people like to listen to. We have an outstanding team.

As Co-Founder and COO, what role do you play within femtasy?

I currently care for Finance, HR, Data, and Marketing. I also deal with investor relations.

What are some of your challenges?

Black Friday and the holiday season are challenging times for us. Our product usually has little chance against physical gifts that are popular during these times. Being able to adjust our marketing budget accordingly requires a certain level of cash flow security. 

Are these challenges that led you to explore a finance solution such as Silvr?

Yes, Silvr provides us with precisely this security. Silvr was the perfect match for us. We are already large enough to provide sufficient tracking records but still too small to knock on the doors of banks.

What made you choose Silvr over other financial options?

Silvr was interesting because we couldn't demonstrate positive creditworthiness for a traditional bank loan. At the same time, we wanted to avoid entering a financing round. Those can be stressful and highly time-consuming. So, we looked for an interim solution that wouldn't cost us equity.

Was there anything that stood out for you with Silvr's finance offers?

We chose Silvr for its convenience. We wanted something simple, practical, and a partner we could trust. Silvr offers all of that and more. Silvr brought with it minimal effort. I wanted to avoid having 14 conversations and reading through 14 contracts. Compared to my previous financing experiences, I found everything related to Silvr financing to be extremely straightforward, clear, and easy to understand.

Can you remember the initial set-up procedures with Silvr? 

It was the epitome of convenience and simplicity. The website looked cool. I liked the branding. It all looked good; it was coherent. Filling out the initial details was quick and easy, and the documents that had to be requested and provided were the same as with other providers, so I knew they were thorough with their checks. There wasn't any extra work for me, which was convenient for me regarding getting funding. It was extremely straightforward. 

As a start-up, you must have had to compare funding options to suit your business? 

The decision was very much about convenience, i.e., a mixture of simplicity, practicality, and trust. All in all, these are the values that I looked for. Simplicity starts with how easy it is to enter the data: 

  • How does the process work?
  • How easy is it to communicate with people?
  • How quickly do they respond?
  • How accessible and trustworthy are they?
  • Do I have confidence in the person I am working with? Do they speak the same language?
  • Do they understand me, and do I trust that the company is honest?

I looked at many companies, actually all of them. I soon found that Silvr was the best match for us. The decision for me was actually dependent on the account manager. I also had another provider who performed similarly, but the account manager from Silvr put my mind at ease instantly. They allowed me the time to make my decision without feeling pressured. It was just so stress-free.

What is your focus for the last quarter of 2023? Will Silvr’s financing help you with security following the challenges you mentioned?

Yes, we want to continue to scale our brand marketing campaigns. We must have the funds readily available to spend on marketing because this allows us to reach more people, which will enable us to make more sales and focus on our purpose. 

Scaling marketing funds is not so easy when it comes to our content because there are certain restrictions that we have to stay aware of, such as what we can say and where. This can be more difficult in Q4 when we’re up against Black Friday deals and Christmas. 

Silvr gives us the security to grow and keep our business on track.

The funding that Silvr provides allows us to focus on our marketing campaigns when we need to.

Silvr provides us with a buffer that is important to us. With 40 people on board, we are reluctant to take cash flow risks.

Is the security that funding from Silvr offers one of the most significant benefits?

Yes, Silvr allowed us to continue our business as well as before, but with added security. It lets us sleep better at night and provides a cushion to expand our business. We have good cash flow, but it's a buffer for peace of mind for me.

And finally, would you recommend Silvr to others?

Of course!

Reasons why I would gladly recommend Silvr: It's easy and gets top marks from me in terms of convenience and trust.

Silvr looks good, works flawlessly, and is cohesive; I’d recommend it to anybody seeking alternative financing options.

Interview with Michael Holzner, Co-Founder & COO
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