Silvr: a look back at the highlights of 2021

2021, the balance sheet...
What a year, we repeat, what a year! As far as Silvr is concerned, 2021 was the beginning of an adventure with challenges, difficulties and successes. A lot has happened in the past year. Partners, customers or supporters, so many of you are now following us, and it is down to you that this year has been such a great success – so thank you! ❤️

What a year, we repeat, what a year! As far as Silvr is concerned, 2021 was the beginning of an adventure with challenges, difficulties and successes. A lot has happened in the past year. Partners, customers or supporters, so many of you are now following us, and it is down to you that this year has been such a great success – so thank you! ❤️

It’s now time to look in the rear-view mirror and reveal the highlights of the year... Let's rewind!

1) 200 financings granted in 1 year

The year would not have been a success without our clients, with almost 200 loans granted over the year. So we thought you'd like to have a little update on the key results before we move on:

1. Financing

Depending on the type of customer, the amounts financed vary. On average, we grant financing of up to €320K to our e-tailers and over €480K to our SaaS customers.

Our e-tailer customers are seeing an increase in revenue of over 64% as a result of the funding of their acquisition campaigns. Most of our SaaS customers use this cash advance for talent recruitment and product development.

2. Our clients

The fashion industry represents 30% of our customers, including Girafon Bleu, Almé Paris and Basile Paris, followed by cosmetics and food at 15%, with notably nidé.co, Le Beau Thé and MyArchie. Behind them, the decoration sector has made some clear progress, typified by The Socialite Family and then there is the pet industry with French Bandit.

For SaaS, the Footech industry represents 25% of our customers, with Rushour and Talk in particular, followed closely by marketing software with BEYABLE and GetQuanty at 20%, then the health industry at 13% with Boost as an example.

2) Silvr's first ever hires and it’s only the beginning...

No more one-on-one meetings between Nima and Greg. From the beginning of the year, Gabriel joined them to manage all the operations and the first financing. Very quickly, the needs are felt and we are already a small group of ten in June.

Our office team, Ombline and Camille, were doing such a good job that from September onwards, we doubled the number of staff and consolidated six divisions: Tech & Product, Operations, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Office. And this was only the beginning! In fact, we're opening up some 60 positions for 2022. For those who are curious, head this way!

PS: fortunately, at WeWork, offices are expandable ;)

3) First equity raising of M€3

In March 2021, we raised our first funds from investors such as ISAI, Eurazeo and Business Angels. This step allowed us to drastically accelerate our growth, to recruit the right people, as mentioned above, but also to confirm our positioning by thinking about a new design.

4) And speaking of design

A new logo, a new website and a strong value proposition. Last June, we called on the Lord agency to help us with our new positioning. Our mission is to become the growth partner for digital companies. The brief? We are the growth partner of digital companies and we want a brand image that resembles our customers. The result is a more dynamic, digitalized and moving identity based on expertise and success stories.

And with new positioning comes a new product.

5) A consolidated and powerful product

The Product teams have been busy this year. Our mission is to support digital entrepreneurs in their growth. And that means being able to finance Ecommerce and SaaS companies in less than 24 hours.

Two verticals for 2021

A few months after having developed a financing system for Ecommerce companies, we are also offering SaaS platform publishers the opportunity to be financed, by transforming their recurring revenues into immediate cash. Our goal is to provide SaaS companies with a way to grow without diluting their capital.

A state-of-the-art operating system

Our Product & Finance teams have worked hard to build a powerful scoring system. The technology platform connects the software used by digital companies (Analytics, CMS, PSP, billing software, advertising agencies, etc.) and their business bank accounts (via PSD2) in order to evaluate their past performance and predict their future performance. This method then allows us to allocate funding in less than 24 hours.

A new customer space

Our teams have spent time with our customers to build, together, the most relevant and clear customer space possible. Access is simple and intuitive, with all the necessary information available. And as our customers and their needs evolve, we continue to discuss and chat with them on a daily basis in order to offer them the best possible tool.

6) Our very first events

In 2021, we made our very first kakemono for the Prestashop day, and we were very proud... It was a great event to meet many partners and customers. Florian participated in a round table with Elizabeth Coleon, CRO of Qonto and Valerio Martelli, VP partnerships at PrestaShop. They talked about solutions to support e-tailers in their growth: “Keep it simple, scale!”

2021 was also our first webinars, with Shine, Mentor Marketing, Agicap, Raise and our first podcast where Nima was the guest, with Le Panier, Finscale and Finteach. To find the shows, it's here🎧

7) Links with the top players in the sector

The year 2021 has also been a year of relationships and opportunities. We have had the chance to meet with the biggest players in the sector and to initiate actions with them to address the financing needs of digital companies.

Among them, Prestashop, with whom we discuss daily and have set up tools and numerous projects.

We have established links with the best digital agencies: Coudac, Spark, datashake, Junto, Steerfox, Spaag, Ads up... and with service platforms such as BEYABLE and Onepilot.

We are also part of the Digital Native Club, which brings together many clients, examples of successful DNVBs and partners who support the growth of e-tailers. A very inspiring club that allows us to exchange on the issues, problems and challenges of each. As a member of France FinTech and Finance Innovation, we have the opportunity to interact with the best players in the sector.

We would need more than 365 pages to describe this year, which was so full of twists and turns, and failures and successes, but I'm afraid I'll take the year 2022 to do it...

This review is also an opportunity to see what is at stake for digital entrepreneurs and to see how well we are supported so that we can meet their needs. Thank you for supporting us since the beginning, we find our strength at your side.

2022 promises to be a great year, so stay tuned 🤩

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January 23, 2023
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