Our 100 first financings!

Focus on our key figures

Average amount of funding, distribution of media purchases, sector of activity, banking service provider, etc. After 1 year of activity and more than 100 fundings granted for Emerchant acquisition campaigns, we are publishing the key data of players in the sector who trusted us to boost their growth.

For Ecommerce and DNVB, the development of their popularity requires a web acquisition campaign, which seems to be THE best road to increase their turnover. But with soaring acquisition costs that can double year on year, how can you access them when starting your business?

We have developed an innovative financing model dedicated to Ecommerce players: D2C, DNVB brands, e-shops and marketplaces, in order to finance their growth while allowing them to keep their treasury. We have granted more than a hundred fundings to companies including some of the golden nuggets of French Ecommerce: Cuure, French Bandit, Almé Paris and Emma&Chloé.

Thanks to this financing, e-tailers double their turnover in just 3 months.

Focus on the key results of our study:

Infographics - Silvr

1. Funding

Depending on the type of client, their needs are different. Our financing ranges from 50,000 to 1.2 million euros. In just a few months, our clients have seen an average growth of over 64%. Satisfied, 99% of our customers want to refinance only a few months after their first financing.

2. Breakdown of spendings & tools used

66% of their media purchases are made on Facebook and Instagram. For Google, purchases represent 19%. (PS: here are our tips on how to best manage your media campaigns).
Our clients' preferred CMS is Shopify, which is used by over 65%. And only 6% use an in-house CMS.

3. Our customers

The fashion industry represents 29% of our customers. Food, jewellery and watches each account for 17% of our customers, followed closely by cosmetics with 15%.

Of all the e-businesses we have funded in the last year, only 29% of the entrepreneurs are women. Despite the fact that parity has not yet been reached (4 out of 10 entrepreneurs are women), the proportion of women entrepreneurs remains encouraging and is growing.

Published on

March 28, 2023

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