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Silvrs redefined position in the SME financing landscape
Silvr News

Silvrs redefined position in the SME financing landscape

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See how Silvr expanded its financing to all SMEs, bridging traditional banking gaps, making financial support accessible and hassle-free.


Silvr has longstanding been associated with financing digital players, as reported in Forbes and Crunchbase. However, the company has developed much more over the past year. Initially, Europe's fastest-growing revenue-based financing (RBF) lender, Silvr exclusively supported e-commerce and SaaS companies. By integrating clients' advertising accounts, Google Analytics, and more, Silvr offered an adaptable financing model based on their monthly or annual recurring revenues. 

However, the landscape of business needs is constantly changing. And so is Silvr. Nima Karimi, CEO and co-founder, highlights this transition: "Over a span of three years, the accessibility of public financial support for SMEs dropped from + 15 % to -15 %, alongside a noticeable decline in banks' readiness to extend credit." Now, Silvr is expanding beyond its original focus. Since 2023, Silvr has offered short-term business loans for all SMEs across France and Germany. This transition aims to fill the gaps left by traditional banks and stabilize businesses' individual growth journeys.

What are Silvr's use cases?

SME needs are diverse, and Silvr's financing solutions reflect this diversity. While Silvr cannot extend loans to businesses facing financial challenges, we have identified four prominent financing use cases regarding unique demands across different sectors.

Invoice Financing

Silvr transforms delayed client payments into immediate cash. This boosts cash flow and maintains supplier relations.

For OfficeRiders, facing delayed bank transfers was a challenge. Transfers from clients often took two to three months post-check-out. With Silvr, they immediately financed these invoices. This solved cash flow issues, supporting them during peak periods. It enabled steady growth and operational stability by freeing working capital.

Inventory Financing

Businesses seeking to boost their stock for peak seasons can benefit from Silvr loans. These loans help maintain healthy cash flow while purchasing inventory. 

ATLETICA wished to expand its fitness equipment business internationally but encountered inventory challenges. With Silvr's support, their stock could continue to grow alongside their business, and the team successfully expanded their product range abroad. 

Growth Financing

Whether it concerns marketing or recruitment, Silvr funds business growth.

Access to funding was crucial for companies like Horse Pilot looking to expand internationally. By establishing brand awareness through social media advertising, Horse Pilot gained the flexibility to increase visibility abroad. They quickly saw an excellent ROI on their campaigns. 

Working Capital

Working Capital loans serve as a financial buffer, allowing businesses to manage unexpected expenses or jump on sudden opportunities. Thus remaining adaptable to market changes. 

Flotte, an omnichannel retail business with high working capital requirements, freed up between 20 to 30% of their marketing budget with Silvr. They were able to quickly focus on other aspects of their business such as developing their catalog and increasing their talent pool. 

What are Silvr's requirements? 

Our requirements vary in our French and German markets. In France, businesses with a minimum monthly turnover of €7,000 in the last six months, and in Germany, businesses with an average monthly turnover of €10,000 in the last three months can benefit from Silvr’s simplified application process. In both France and Germany, businesses must have six months of operational history.

For businesses registered in Germany: 

  • Loans up to €25,000: Businesses need to provide either the last three months of bank statements or connect all relevant business accounts via open banking.
  • Loans up to €100,000: In addition to the requirements for loans up to €25,000, businesses must also submit the most recent annual financial statement.
  • Loans over €100,000: Businesses must provide bank statements for the last six months, the latest annual financial statement, and both a Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung (BWA) and Summen- und Saldenliste (SuSa) for the last year.

For businesses registered in France: 

  • Loans under €50,000: Businesses need to either provide the last six months of bank statements or connect all relevant business accounts via open banking.
  • Loans over €50,000: Businesses must provide both the last six months of bank statements (or connect all relevant business accounts via open banking) and their most recent financial statement.

A key aspect of Silvr's approach is the absence of personal guarantees or collateral requirements for loan approval. This policy ensures that entrepreneurs don't have to risk their personal assets or seek third-party guarantees for loan repayment. Silvr's commitment to this reflects an understanding of the entrepreneurial journey and a dedication to fostering business growth without added personal financial risk.

How quickly can you get an offer?

Silvr ensures efficiency in business loan processing, especially for loans under €50K. With just the last six months of bank statements, applicants are fast-tracked and can receive a financing offer in under 48 hours. 

Why was Silvr created?

Silvr was created to revolutionize how businesses access financing, addressing entrepreneurs' challenges during rising interest rates and economic uncertainties. “Today, 1 in 4 businesses face difficulties accessing financing. The economic context is no longer favorable for entrepreneurs,” says CEO Nima at FinTech R:Evolution by France FinTech. It is a struggle he knows well. He and his co-founder Greg's personal experience with the challenges of traditional banking and dilutive fundraising was a key motivator in founding Silvr.

Silvr is here to help business owners reach those critical next milestones, regardless of business models. Data-based scoring technology streamlines the application process to bring funding into your bank accounts in days. And it's not just about the technology; our financial advisors are with you every step of the way, understanding your needs and guiding you through the process. Accessing financing has never been easier. 

Looking Ahead

Silvr is committed to being more than just a finance provider. We are a partner committed to seeing businesses like yours succeed. 
“I'm glad to bring this solution forward when all businesses are searching for a financing alternative. I'm creating a solution I wish I had access to in the past.”

Nima, Co-founder & CEO 

Disclaimer: Each financing is subject to Capital Line’s eligibility criteria.
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