Improve Your Business

Get funded
Use Cases

Increase your available cash in no time, make better deals, and improve your unit economics

Leverage early-payment discounts
Stop worrying about payment terms
Buy larger quantities and negotiate discounts
Strengthen your supplier relationships
“It's in our best interest to buy in bulk to save on our suppliers’ unit prices. Without Silvr, our cash flow wouldn’t allow us to do that.”
Charles Guirriec, CEO

Invest in your efficiency

Everything you need to better your operations and support your people, now at your fingertips.

  • Finance your new software
  • Train your teams
  • Ramp up your IT equipment

Don’t miss any opportunity

With Capital Line you have more options to invest in your business:

  • Increase your capacity – access your capital in 48h1
  • No collateral required - we use data to monitor your performance
  • No capital dilution - you keep control of your company

Supercharge your cash flow

Capital Line helps you improve your working capital. This means you can invest in your business now and spread the financial impact of your projects over time:

  • Increase available cash and gain more flexibility
  • Refine your cash flow forecasts
  • Diversify your capital resources without dilution
  • Extend accounts payable
“In order to grow our community and deal with increasing Working Capital Requirements, we chose Silvr among other financing options, which works great for young DNVBs like us.”
Mickaël Pan, Co-founder

Get better visibility

Running an efficient business relies on visibility.
With your 12 month financing plan you can:

  • Secure your total cost of debt2
  • Plan your investments ahead
  • Invest when you need and pay back over time

Use revenue based financing to your advantage

When you choose our Revenue Based option, you get financing that is more flexible than traditional loans.

  • Your weekly repayments adapt to your turnover
  • The cost of your Capital Line does not change even if you take longer to repay
  • You ensure you can pay back, even when your sales slow down
  • The faster you pay back, the sooner you can unlock more capital
Subject to eligibility. Funds can be made available as fast as 2 working days from the date of signing your contract. This period may vary depending on your bank and your contract terms. If your application is incomplete, our teams will contact you to guide you in opening your Capital Line.
Capital Line eligibility criteria apply to all instalments presented in your Capital Line financial plan. Silvr runs eligibility analysis upon incremental instalment request.