HAVE an Impact

Reduce your footprint, support your community and create a great place to work. Drive sustainable growth with a financing plan that support your goals.
Use Cases

Capital Line allows you to free up cash flow so that you can grow your business while investing in sustainability.

Check your eligibility online in minutes
No collateral, no invoice required
Focus on projects that make sense to you
Spread the financial impact of your project over time
“Silvr was the growth lever that allowed us to invest in marketing while freeing up cash. As a result, Roadstr was able to quickly and efficiently expand its range of electric vehicles to meet growing demand.”
Thomas Ceccaldi, Founder & CEO

Invest in your employees

With Capital Line, take care of your employees and boost your business efficiency.

  • Create a great place to work
  • Offer new trainings to engage your employees
  • Offer new career paths