Get funded
Use Cases

With Capital Line, access to working capital easily and invest in your growth

Create a 12 month financing plan made for your business
Free up cash and invest in your growth now
Pay back over time and spread your expenses
Unlock more funds as you pay back1
1- Each installment is subject to Capital Line's eligibility criteria.
“Silvr is a great solution for scaling up with peace of mind; Capital Line keeps fueling Waekura’s virtuous circle of growth. Since our first round of financing, we’ve doubled our revenue.”
Philip Dahlen, Co-founder

Stock-up ahead of time

With Capital Line you can invest in your inventory early without compromising your cash flow.

  • Stock-up, sell, then pay back
  • Buy larger quantities and negotiate your prices
  • Pay your suppliers ahead and get discounts. You already have the cash
  • Strengthen your supplier relationships

Invest in your marketing

Drive more sales now, pay back over time and protect your cash flow.

  • Launch a new ad campaign
  • Boost your marketing budget, improve your performances
  • Adjust your sales force
“With Silvr, we were able to spread our expenses over time. This allowed us to launch marketing actions that we would never have dared to launch otherwise!”
Jonathan Andres, Co-founder

Plan ahead and be prepared

Get more flexibility and anticipate your investments over 12 months with Capital Line.

  • Boost your working capital, invest more
  • Unlock more installments over time1
  • Secure your total cost of debt1
  • No collateral. Non-dilutive. So you stay in control.

Use revenue based financing to your advantage

When you choose our Revenue Based option, you get financing that is more flexible than traditional loans.

  • Your weekly repayments adapt to your turnover
  • The cost of your Capital Line does not change even if you take longer to repay
  • You ensure you can pay back, even when your sales slow down
  • The faster you pay back, the sooner you can unlock more capital
Capital Line eligibility criteria apply to all instalments presented in your Capital Line financial plan. Silvr runs eligibility analysis upon incremental instalment request.