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Check your eligibility and apply online in minutes
No collateral needed, no invoice required
Silvr relies on insights from data instead
Receive your first funding on your company bank account, in just a few days1
“Silvr's immediate cash advance allows us to unlock investments like product development while stabilizing our cash flow.”
Amaury de Larauze, Founder & CEO

Innovate faster and take the lead

Exploring uncharted territory is always challenging. With Capital Line, you can plan your immediate and future investments and secure your total cost of debt, over 12 months.
  • Spread your new projects' financial impact over time
  • Finance new production costs
  • Hire dedicated experts
  • Finance market research
“Silvr financing has boosted and supported our growth. We can now focus on our European expansion, strengthen our projects, and seek to raise funds.”
Kevin Aouragh, Co-founder & CEO

Use revenue based financing to your advantage

When you choose our Revenue Based option, you get financing that is more flexible than traditional loans.

  • Your weekly repayments adapt to your turnover
  • When your sales slow down, your repayments decrease
  • The faster you grow, the faster you pay back
  • The faster you pay back, the sooner you can unlock more capital
Subject to eligibility. Funds can be made available as fast as 2 working days from the date of signing your contract. This period may vary depending on your bank and your contract terms. If your application is incomplete, our teams will contact you to guide you in opening your Capital Line.