Capital Line

Get funded
Achieve your goals with extra working capital in no time.
Access a flexible 12-month financing plan, unlock cash when you need.
Capital Line

Access funds the simple way

You’re busy, so we made applying, receiving and managing your Capital Line super easy:

  • Check your eligibility and apply online in minutes – no paperwork required
  • Access your first funding in days1
  • Your financing advisor helps you build and leverage your Capital Line
  • Monitor your Capital Line from your online dashboard

Plan ahead, be prepared

Capital Line gives you the visibility you need so that you are always prepared and can focus on your business:

  • Get a 12 months view of your additional cash flow
  • Cover your immediate cash needs
  • Unlock more installments over time2
  • Secure your cost of debt over 12 months2

Supercharge your cash flow

Capital Line helps you improve your working capital. This means you can invest in your business now and spread your projects financial impact over time:

  • Increase available cash and gain more flexibility, all year long
  • Refine your cash flow forecasts
  • Diversify your capital resources without dilution
  • Extend accounts payable

Your business, your terms

Capital Line adapts in real time to what your business is, and what your business needs. Build your own repayment plan and:

  • Defer your first repayments up to 4 weeks
  • Pay back based on your revenues - we adapt to your performance
  • Or choose fixed repayments - to help you plan
  • Receive your funds on your bank account, when you need them
Read more about our revenue based repayment plans

Speak with experts

We know financing is stressful. Rely on our team to build your financing and follow up with your Capital Line:

  • Tailor your own plan with our financing team
  • Monitor your Capital Line with your dedicated account manager
  • Get answers to your day-to-day questions with our customer support team
It’s not just words, it’s stars too:
4,4/5 on Trustpilot
5/5 on G2

Revenue Based Financing, explained

Access your future revenue now

Revenue-based financing (RBF) is a type of funding that allows businesses to receive financing in exchange for a percentage of their future revenue.

Flexibility at its finest

Unlike traditional loans, RBF does not require collateral and repayments are calculated based on the company's weekly revenue. Companies benefit from easy access to financing that protects their financial flexibility and their assets.

Let’s take an example
You open your Silvr Capital Line in October.
You can access your funds in as little as 2 days. Start investing in your projects and improve your cash flow instantly.
November comes and you achieved €10,000 in turnover.
You will pay back Silvr a percentage of that turnover. Let’s say you agreed on a 12% revenue share on your Capital Line contract. You will pay back €1,200 in November
In December, you reach €30,000 in turnover.
You will then pay back €3,600 for your December installment (12% of €30,000)
And so on...
Activate your repeat installments and keep your cash flow flexibility at its maximum. Because we only charge a fixed fee, the cost of your loan remains the same, even if you take longer to pay us back.

Crystal clear pricing

No set up fees, no hidden fees, no surprises

We made our pricing easy to understand. Only pay a single fee calculated as a percentage of your borrowed capital.

  • No interest fees
  • No insurance fees
  • No set up fees

You receive 100% of your capital: our fee is not deducted from your borrowed amount.

Secure your costs

Your fee is guaranteed for the duration of your plan.

  • Always know how much you will pay - it applies to all the installments within your plan2
  • Pay your fee as you pay back your Capital Line rather than all at once
  • When you choose our flexible repayment option, the total cost of your capital remains the same even when your repayment duration extends

Fixed fee from


Average fixed fee

Subject to eligibility. Funds can be made available as fast as 2 working days from the date of signing your contract. This period may vary depending on your bank and your contract terms. If your application is incomplete, our teams will contact you to guide you in opening your Capital Line.
Capital Line eligibility criteria apply to all instalments presented in your Capital Line financing plan. Silvr runs eligibility analysis upon each incremental instalment request.