The secret to seasonal stock success

Back in 1989, Mandrops started as a family-run shop and has since grown into a one-stop shop for everything from the latest gadgets and games to fashion and officially licensed movie merch. With over 30 years under their belt, they’ve built a name for themselves as the go-to spot, not just in Germany but internationally, thanks to their online store. With a boost from Silvr's financing, they’re set to keep their customers happy and stocked up on their favorite finds. Karsten Dehler, Head of Global Sales and a veteran with the company, is proud of the product offerings they’ve built.


Retail (B2B, B2C and D2C)




20+ employees


Ebern, Germany

The Challenges


Constantly adapting to customers' needs, Mandrops’ tight-knit crew manages relationships with over 200 suppliers, keeping their shelves diverse and profitable. Keeping up with what their customers want is the puzzle they’re always piecing together.

World Events

The world has been throwing curveballs, such as COVID-19 and geopolitical conflicts. For a globetrotting business like Mandrops, it is about successfully navigating business ties and dependencies.

Seasonal Product Financing

Mandrops recognizes the need for a financial plan that allows them to bolster their stock for the festive Christmas rush without jeopardizing their cash flow. This move is essential to maintaining their competitive edge while safeguarding the company’s financial health.

“We picked Silvr because it proved to be an effective and hassle-free solution. We recognized that we required financing for a specific period, and the personal contact and close relationship we developed with Silvr proved beneficial.”

Karsten Dehler, Head of Global Sales

The Solution

A Finance Provider that Foresees Sales

Silvr is an efficient, swift solution for smoothly financing seasonal goods. Traditional banks focus on historical data, while Silvr uses account statements and sales data to predict future sales.

Seeking a Hassle-Free Experience

Finding a stress-free approach to financing can be invaluable. Silvr offered effective communication, direct contact with a dedicated person, which is invaluable, and a quick response, leading to a successful collaboration.

No Need for Comparison

Skipping comparing providers, drawn by Silvr’s straightforward account setup and the strong personal relationship developed.

Silvr was super speedy – a notable factor in their favor. Traditional banks tend to focus on historical data. Silvr uses account statements and sales data to look into the future.

Karsten Dehler, Head of Global Sales

The Results

Expanding Sales Channels

Mandrops plans to grow its sales channels, with significant investment planned to enhance the online store's capabilities and reach.

Enhancing Online Store for B2B

The retailer also aims to upgrade the online store to serve B2B customers so they can easily place orders.

Increasing International Presence

Mandrops is working on boosting its presence on foreign platforms. It operates in the Netherlands, France, and England and plans to expand into Poland and other European countries.

Continued Partnership with Silvr

Mandrops feels confident in maintaining Silvr as a crucial partner in future expansion and operations.

“I recommend Silvr to other businesses because it offers a quick and flexible solution. It's ideal when you must promptly finance a short-term stock or order. The overall processing, from the application to the actual payment, is swift, making it a convenient choice for short-term financing needs.” 

Karsten Dehler, Head of Global Sales

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