Upsizing with Silvr

ATLETICA is an innovative fitness equipment company that aims to inspire people to embrace a healthier lifestyle through personal fitness. They offer high-quality home-based fitness equipment and personalized guidance. With a strong presence on social media and a focus on international expansion, ATLETICA positively impacts the fitness industry.


Fitness equipment (D2C and B2B)




Mainz, Germany

The Challenges

Inventory Financing

A primary challenge is managing inventory financing due to rapid growth. It's crucial to keep stock levels aligned with the growing demand to effectively meet customer needs.

Product Range Expansion

The availability and expansion of ATLETICA’s product range is vital. Ensuring a wide variety of products is essential for their success, as it caters to their customers' increasing and diverse needs.

Trust and Communication

Trust and solution-oriented communication are fundamental to ATLETICA. Adapting capacities to maintain these values is critical, especially as they strive to meet market requirements and customer expectations.

“We continue to use other bank loans in addition to Silvr. However, applying for financing at the bank is much more administrative in comparison. Silvr offers a predictable financing option—including a straightforward and uncomplicated structured financing contract.”

Ivan Lukanov, CEO at ATLETICA

The Solution

Discovering Silvr

Silvr was discovered through Qonto, facilitating an easy start to the financing request process. The simplicity of connecting tools and initiating financing stood out, making the process straightforward.

Simplifying the Process

Silvr differentiates itself from other providers by simplifying the financing inquiry process. Its approach is less complex and more user-friendly than others, which require uploading additional documents.

Personal Contact

The personal contact with Silvr provides a significant benefit, offering a level of service and support not always available with other financing providers.

A Fair Loan Repayment

The fair and predictable loan repayment structure at Silvr is highly valued. It ensures manageable monthly installments. The potential for a long-term financing partnership is also a key advantage, supporting ATLETICA's growth and financial stability.

“Other providers require additional bank statements or invoices to be uploaded via PDF in addition to connecting the accounts. In general, before Silvr, we witnessed some highly complex financing systems.”

Ivan Lukanov, CEO at ATLETICA

The Results

International Expansion

Silvr has significantly impacted ATLETICA's ability to expand into other countries by providing the necessary working capital for pre-financing fitness products, addressing the challenge of needing substantial working capital.

Thinking Differently about Financing Solutions

Since Silvr, ATLETICA's perspective on financing solutions has changed, highlighting the importance and effectiveness of digital financing. It underscores the shift toward data and intelligent interfaces, pointing to a digital future for finance.

Financial Stability

Silvr’s business loans are simple and without complications. They guarantee ATLETICA's operational stability by eliminating cash flow concerns.

“Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Financing solutions like Silvr show that digital financing offers that utilize data and smart interfaces are the future.”

Ivan Lukanov, CEO at ATLETICA

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