Silvr’s business loan helps you sleep better

Launched in 2018, femtasy offers over 600 erotic audiobooks and podcasts in German, English, and French. They're all about flipping the script in an industry traditionally focused on men, offering something fresh and digital that stimulates emotions.


Entertainment Software




40+ employees



The Challenges


Navigating the intense competition during Black Friday and the holiday season, where femtasy's digital offerings face stiff competition from the high demand for physical gifts.


The importance of adapting marketing strategies to effectively compete during peak shopping periods whilst ensuring femtasy remains a strong contender.

Creditworthiness and Financing Rounds

Demonstrating positive creditworthiness for traditional bank loans. Avoiding stressful, time-consuming financing rounds leads to searching for an interim solution that maintains equity.

Financial Flexibility

The necessity for secure and flexible cash flow to support these strategic transformations to help enable femtasy to manage and take advantage of opportunities during critical sales times. With 40 people on board, femtasy was reluctant to take risks. 

“Black Friday and the holiday season are challenging times for us. Our product usually has little chance against physical gifts that are popular. Being able to adjust our marketing budget accordingly requires a certain level of cash flow security. Silver provides us with exactly this security.”

Michael Holzner, Co-founder

The Solution

A non-dilutive Solution

femtasy sought Silvr to overcome peak season financial challenges, valuing the cash flow security without giving up equity.

Choosing the simplest lending Solution

Silvr's appeal lies in its straightforward, practical approach and reliable service, offering an efficient funding process.

Effortless Setup and Compliance 

The process was easy, with quick setup, minimal compliance efforts, and fast responses, highlighting Silvr as an ideal partner.

Personalized Support

Choosing a lender who offers a personal touch takes away many stresses. Having a personal Account Manager with Silvr means they truly understand client needs.

Silvr was interesting because we couldn't demonstrate positive creditworthiness for a traditional bank loan. At the same time, we wanted to avoid entering a financing round. Those can be stressful and highly time-consuming. So, we looked for an interim solution that wouldn't cost us equity.

Michael Holzner, Co-founder

The Results

Boosting Brand Marketing

With Silvr's support, femtasy is set to elevate its marketing efforts, navigating through the competitive Black Friday and festive season.

More Than Just Cash 

Silvr provides the freedom to focus on marketing strategies without financial worries, allowing femtasy to stay ahead without financial stress. Silvr brings both convenience and trust.

Maintaining Financial Stability 

Ensures stability for femtasy's team of 40, preventing cash flow concerns from hindering their operations.

Aiming Higher 

Silvr's financing acts as a safety net, offering femtasy the confidence to pursue bigger goals and maintain growth with peace of mind.

“Silvr gives us the security to grow and keep our business on track. Reasons why I would gladly recommend it: It's easy and gets top marks from me in terms of convenience and trust. It looks good, works flawlessly, and is cohesive.”

Michael Holzner, Co-founder

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