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Unlock your revenue growth with a card made for media buying

We provide an instantly available virtual payment card* with high spending limits, 30-day payment terms and no fees.

Reach bigger audiences and boost return on advertising spend

Up to €20,000 to spend

Let us pay for your advertising purchases. Your transactions won't get blocked. Your campaigns won't be at risk.

Buy now, pay later

Accelerate your growth by using our virtual payment card* to invest in media buying. With 30-day payment terms and 100% no fees.

Silvr Extend
Silvr Extend

Connect seamlessly with global banks

Automated ad expenses

Track your spending in real time. Apply for a virtual payment card* with customized limits to meet all your needs.

Flexible credit and repayments

Spend money and pay it back in a delayed way. Raise your credit limit with your revenue.

Grow big or go home

Get the Silvr virtual payment card* to spend on multiple campaigns without reaching your credit limits.

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Instant card creation

Extend your budget in a few minutes. Silvr cards are made available instantly after ordering.

High spending limits

Our Silvr card offers flexible credit limits of up to €20,000 in multiple currencies.

Hassle-free payments

Most of the advertising platforms and merchant sites you work with accept our virtual payment card*, without any special conditions.

Need a card to finance your media purchase?

Sign up for a Silvr virtual payment card* and start funding your advertising instantly.

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*Virtual payment card issued by the payment service provider