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Get easy access to growth capital to scale your business

We built a data-driven financing solution to help every founder succeed. On-demand. Ultra-fast. Bias-free.

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Hundreds of companies have been powered by Silvr

Accelerate your cash flow with immediate on-demand funding


We pay for your inventory and advertising campaigns to support your growth.


We turn your recurring revenue into immediate cash flow in just a few hours.

Silvr Capital
Silvr Capital

Keep 100% ownership and control of your business capital

Silvr, the non-dilutive financing for digital businesses

Non-dilutive funding

Unlike venture capital, Silvr offers you to get funded without giving up control of your company.

Revenue-based payment

Revenue-based payments

Get a financing offer based on your future revenue. Pay back when you generate sales.

Trust our technology and expertise to build your growth plan

silvr is the most intuitive way to finance a business

Silvr intuitive platform

Create your free account to access Silvr, apply for funding in a few clicks when you need it, and track your funds.

silvr offers a more seamless way to finance its business

Seamless integrations

Silvr integrates with your tool stack: bank accounts, marketing or sales platforms, and even your accounting software.

The best way to diversify your funding sources

You now have an alternative to bank loans and equity fundraising 
to access the capital you need.


Our funding offers are only based on your performance, not on your social background, geographical location, gender or experience.

From €10,000 to €10m

We charge a fixed commission of 6-12% of the funding amount. Your offer is interest-free without application fees or other costs.

Revenue-based payment

On-demand or repeated

When you need to grow quickly, you can’t always wait. Access growth capital when needed, and as many times as you like.

Get funded now

How it works, in 3 steps!

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Connect us to your tools

We don’t predict the future. We trust you and your business performance. Silvr forecasts your growth revenue using data from your tool stack.


Get a financing offer

We tailor the best offer to suit your needs. You get your expenses covered by Silvr or the funds on your bank account within 48 hours.


Pay back as you grow

We adapt to your business evolution: pay us back as your sales come and go — with a repayment plan over 3 to 12 months or based on your revenue.

Ideal for your operating expenses

The whole team of Poiscaille

By funding our acquisition campaigns, Silvr has allowed us to support our growth and optimize our production and logistics costs.

Charles Guirriec


Founder & CEO of Poiscaille

Buy stocks and ads

Get the ability to attract and retain customers without lacking liquidity.

Pay your suppliers

Let us pay your bills to boost your cash flow and stay profitable.

Expand your team

Invest in hiring the staff you need to scale your business.

Need to fund your business growth?

Sign up to check your eligibility and apply for financing.

Get more from Silvr

Unlock your path to success with the right tools, insights and growth capital.

Silvr Extend

Silvr Extend, credit cards made for your media buying

Reach bigger audiences and boost return on your marketing spend. Silvr provides credit cards with 30 day payment terms, 100% free of charge.

Discover Silvr Extend

Silvr Analytics

Silvr Analytics, data insights to improve your business performance

Make sure you're getting the best return on your spend. Silvr gives you insights to improve your growth strategy and drive more sales.

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