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Take your business growth to the next level

We give you the insights and analysis you need to improve your growth strategy and drive more sales.

Make sure you're getting the best return on your investments

360° dashboards

Access free dashboards generated from your sales, marketing, and finance data.

Financial growth strategy

Know how much and where you have to invest, to scale and bring in more customers.

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Silvr Analytics

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All-in-one platform

Bring together all your accounts, sales and marketing platforms to access a unified view of your data.

Data privacy and protection

Any data collected is secured using encryption methods and never shared with third parties.

We analyse. You decide.

Take the best from your Silvr dashboards. Make no waste of building complex data visualizations.

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silvr uses a real-time synchronisation to get datas to represent your real performances

Real-time synchronization

Connect your tool stack with Silvr to have your KPI dashboards at hand and always up-to-date.

Complex data analysis

Get a real idea of your cash flow, incomings and outgoings, as well as industry-specific data.

Return on investment

Find out which parts of your marketing are working, which aren't and where you can improve.

Need data insights to improve your business performance?

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Unlock your path to success with the right tools, insights and growth capital.

Silvr Capital

Silvr Capital, on-demand financing for your online business

Keep 100% ownership and control of your business capital. Silvr is a non-dilutive and bias-free solution to get funded quicker than ever.

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Silvr Extend

Silvr Extend, virtual payment cards* made for your media purchases

Reach a wider audience and increase the profitability of your marketing spend. Silvr offers virtual payment cards* with 30-day payment terms and no fees.

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