Talk, the SaaS company that manages restaurant owners' social networks

Once upon a time…
Talk is the turnkey solution that allows restaurant owners to increase their visibility on social networks. Founded by Raphaël Leclerc, the platform currently supports more than 300 clients in their communication. It called on Silvr to reduce its cash-flow gap.

The Talk concept comes from a need that Raphaël, its founder, met himself when opening a cocktail bar called 108.

Between managing the establishment, the stocks and the service, he lacks the time to manage communication on his social networks and gain visibility. However, he tries to be present by publishing a few posts but his publications do not have the desired effect. He often reaches the same people and finds it difficult to acquire new followers and customers.

Date of creation
+ 15
Employees in 2 months
Financings Silvr

Il pense alors à une solution qui permettrait à la fois de gérer la création de contenu, la gestion des campagnes de sponsorisations et d’influences et l’optimisation des réseaux sociaux dans un objectif de visibilité et d’acquisition. Sous forme d’abonnement mensuel, de nombreux clients sont rapidement convaincus. 

"Today, with the Covid-19 crisis our service is indispensable because it brings a global solution to merchants. The objective is simple, to reach the most potential customers for the restaurant owner, at the best prices."
Raphaël Leclerc - Fondateur de Talk

Problems that impact on cash flow

One of the first problems encountered by Talk was recruitment. Indeed, the company had to be staffed quickly to manage the first customer requests. The second problem was financing. Being able to pay these people during their training. And the third is the cost of acquisition, because it takes a little time to be profitable. Naturally, growth will put a strain on the cash flow and money will have to be found.

"I had two options in mind: the bank, which required a balance sheet that I didn't have, and fundraising. A process that takes time. You also had to accept to dilute yourself and to accept that other people take decisions in your place. "
Raphaël Leclerc - Founder of Talk

Raphaël started looking for other solutions, more in line with his SaaS business model and his values. When he discovered Silvr, he was immediately convinced.

"I find the Silvr promise quite incredible. They are able to finance you up to 10 million euros, in 24 hours and without guarantee! We tested it and the promise worked."
Raphaël Leclerc - Founder of Talk

In practical terms, its SaaS model costs it money. When he signs a client, for the first three months Talk will have to finance his service before he pays it back in full. This will leave a hole in his cash flow. Raphaël chose the Silvr solution to fill the cash flow gap.

Few places using Talk
Few places using Talk

How did Silvr close the Talk cash flow gap?

We looked for concrete data on the company. That is, Talk's turnover, MRR, churn rate and therefore their growth. After a study by the investment committee, Silvr was able to offer them initial financing, which they quickly renewed the following month.

"Silvr, it is a stability on the one hand financial to have cash flow and on the other hand, development possibilities that open up."
Raphaël Leclerc - Founder of Talk

Thanks to the Silvr funding, the Talk teams were able to hire more than 15 people to meet customer demands and drastically accelerate their business.

If you too would like to have the means for your growth, do not hesitate to contact us!

- Published
January 23, 2023
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