Silvr's Christmas Market: made in France and eco-responsible

The perfect gift list for a successful Christmas...
We have found the perfect ideas for your Christmas gifts. Products for everyone, eco-friendly and made in France. Our customers have talent, so let's make the most of it!

Tick tock, tick tock... Christmas is coming and you still haven't made your presents? Lack of inspiration, lack of time? Don't panic, we've prepared a selection of the top products from our e-tailers.

Eco-responsible, trendy, gourmet, and even for our animal friends... There is something for every taste and every budget.

Discover our top 10 for a successful Christmas!

1. Ultra-trendy socks by Girafon Bleu

Le Girafon Bleu is the ready-to-wear brand that saves giraffes. Passionate, Emmanuel, its founder decided to donate a part of his sales to the ASGN association, entirely dedicated to the protection of giraffes, a species threatened with extinction. In addition to the preservation of giraffes, the brand has decided to become part of the Slow Fashion movement. In other words, an eco-responsible fashion brand, which offers products made exclusively of organic cotton, sourced in a sustainable manner.

And we fell for the ultra-comfortable and soft 100% knitted socks. With them, it seems that we will have the world at our feet...

To shop it's over here 👉 Girafon Blue

2. The Intendance organic gourmet box

L'intendance is the daily grocery shop that improves our impact on the environment. Without plastic, organic in bulk, with full transparency on the origin and quality of the products and all this without breaking the bank. This year we voted for a gift that makes sense and tastes good!

Here is their "Pépites sur papilles" basket, the zero waste gift box, delivered in a fabric bag and made of simply delicious things... We let you discover this nugget right here 👉 l'Intendance.

3. Spoil your pet with French Bandit

French Bandit is the new generation of dog and cat accessories! Mega trendy products, made in France for the owners of their pets.

The company has also decided to help associations and shelters and to pay a percentage of each order. A gift that changes and that will even allow the master to be stylish!

Our favorite ? The bandanas, as well for the dogs as for the cats ;) We let you take a look at it 👉 French Bandit

4. Le Beau Thé for personalised gifts

Beau thé is the ultra-personalised gift, perfect for slipping in a little message or perhaps an announcement during the holidays? Surprise effect guaranteed!

But above all, beautiful tea is 100% organic, 100% Made in France, 100% handcrafted, 0% plastic and unique flavours. We've tasted them all and we love them!

We let you have a look at the website right here 👉 The beautiful tea

5. Nidé.co, natural beauty products

Nidé.co, clean cosmetics for real life! Natural, healthy products with as few allergens as possible. For the face, hands, body and even the buttocks!

In short, products that are good for the skin and that we would almost like to keep for ourselves... Here, we fell in love with the "Trio éclat" set with its cleansing gel, its regulating and illuminating mask and its rehydrating care.

To discover their products, it is here 👉 Nidé.co

6. The Socialite Family's decorative objects

The Socialite Family is the brand for contemporary design and decoration. For months, Constance and Marianne have been thinking about the smallest details of the object you will have in your hands. This includes the choice of craftsmen and materials in order to offer you a timeless piece. The problem with the Socialite Family is that we couldn't choose, it's simple, we love everything!

So we'll leave you with the difficult task of choosing from these simply beautiful pieces 👉 The Socialite Family

7. Jewellery from 58 Facettes

58 Facettes is the marketplace dedicated to responsible jewellery. The platform pays tribute to the art of jewellers of yesterday and today. Made in France jewellery, second-hand, signed or vintage. Alexis and Eric, the founders, have brought together the greatest designers to offer you an exceptional range of products.

For Christmas, we spotted this pretty antique turquoise and diamond ring... Santa if you can hear me?! 👉 58 Facettes

8. Clever Beauty, a manicure set

Clever Beauty, a 100% French brand that advocates clever beauty. Maëva, the founder of Clever Beauty, promises 100% vegan nail polish and a zero waste manicure. Green formulas with natural ingredients and exceptional quality.

And for Christmas, the brand is offering small boxes that are perfect for a vegan manicure.

For my part, I chose the #4 fascinating and the #9 optimistic polish and I'm just a fan 👉 Clever Beauty

9. LXH, the chic cap

LXH is the brand of French-style sport chic caps created by Lucas Tourasse and Antoine Van Eecke. A real work of mould and materials for a perfect headgear, worthy of the great luxury houses. And here there is something for everyone. In smooth or ribbed velvet, in felt or suede, the choice is wide! "Uncompromising convictions" are also their watchwords! Concerned by the animal cause, here no leather, only imitation leather, no suede replaced by suede, nor fur, they opt instead for fleece.

Are you convinced? To discover their products, it's here 👉 LXH

10. Coloured brooches Celeste Mogador

To end this little #MadeInFrance Christmas list in style, we tell you about Celeste Mogador, the brooches designed and embroidered by the artist Pascale Nivet Bernetière. A creative universe rich in symbols. Here, we offer you colourful pieces for a rock look and all handmade! Jewellery, brooches and now decorations, there is plenty to do...

For our part, we love the mouthpieces for a little French touch!

We show you 👉 Céleste Mogador

Here we are, at the end of our list of Made in France and eco-friendly Christmas gifts. We hope this one has given you some ideas and that you will find something to your liking.

PS: if you are inspired by other brands, please let us know at

We wish you a very happy holiday 🍾🎄

- Published
January 23, 2023
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