Germany - we’re here!

Silvr in Germany...

Europe's first neolender - Silvr - makes the first assessment since opening in Germany.

New German team

Ever since our CEO Nima Karimi visited Bits & Pretzels festival last September and got to experience the vibrant startup ecosystem in Germany, there was no question what market Silvr will expand to next. It had to be Germany!

Since the end of last year, we were getting all the paperwork ready and hiring intensely. And today, we are excited to have 7 silvrnauts working out of our Berlin office, across the departments of marketing, design, sales and risk analysis.

Here’s a snapshot from the most recent get-together of Berlin and Paris teams. Many more of them to come as our German team keeps growing in the year ahead.

The most recent get-together of Berlin and Paris teams of Silvr

Silvr’s first acquisition 

What better way to enter an unfamiliar market than to find someone local who has already walked in your shoes?

We found this person in Ariyan Seyed Nassir, CEO and Founder of Uplift1. Uplift1 is one of the first revenue-based financing players in the German market. It is also the first company acquisition made by Silvr in our growth journey, finalized in February.

“The merger with Uplift1 provides us with the optimal starting position,” - shares Nima. “Ariyan Seyed Nassir, founder of Uplift1, was one of the first to establish the RBF model in Germany. By acquiring Uplift1, existing customers will benefit from a partnership with Silvr that is even more impactful, both technologically and financially."

Nima Karimi and Ariyan Seyed Nassir

First German customer

With our loan brokerage and collection licenses secured and the merger with Uplift1 successfully finalized, we are officially open for business in Germany. Hashtag You became Silvr’s first German customer last week. They will use their six-figure loan for covering the ongoing operational expenditures, replenishing inventory, funding marketing campaigns, and developing new products for their brand portfolio.

Akos Piffko, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Hashtag You, has many good things to say: “Considering we were Silvr’s first client in Germany, I was surprised how fast the whole underwriting process went. Due diligence was very smooth - it only took a few clicks to upload our documents. After signing the contract, the wire transfer reached our account in three working days, with no strings or additional requirements attached. This provided me a lot of flexibility - in my experience with other RBF companies, the funded money could only be used for a single specific purpose, which wasn’t the case here.”  

Now we’re ready to provide German digital businesses with the growth capital they need, in the most flexible way. Interested in getting your business funded? Talk to us! 

Published on

March 24, 2023

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