Silvr celebrates its 2nd anniversary with customers, partners and investors

To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, Silvr celebrated with all its clients, investors and partners on the barge Les Maquereaux in Paris.

We were able to bring (almost) all of you together to celebrate Summer with Silvr. A birthday is celebrated with those who matter most. So it was only natural for Silvr to blow out its second candle with its customers, partners and investors.

Summer with Silvr got the season off to a great start!

Congratulations to us, but above all congratulations to all our customers, partners and investors! Whether you are among the very best online merchants or the most innovative software publishers in the SaaS market, Silvr will help you continue to grow. To all our partners, whom we are proud to join, thank you for standing by our side to bring your global expertise to bear on a common mission: to make the B2B environment a spiral of opportunity. Finally, to all our investors: thank you for the trust you have placed in the European leader in Revenue-Based Financing.

As a reminder: the barge Les Maquereaux welcomed us in the Parisian sun. A party spirit imbued the many fascinating conversations that marked this event, and the music that enlivened the evening. It was also wonderful to gather around a delicious buffet concocted only from fresh products (as much as the tentacles from Poiscaille). Then it was time for Nima Karimi (CEO of Silvr) to pick up the microphone to thank you all personally, and to recount the remarkable tale of Silvr. Co-founded by Nima and Greg in 2020, the start-up now has more than 90 Silvrnauts and more than 100 clients, and has granted over 300 financings.

Many thanks to...

...Everyone, of course! Thank you for being there for an evening that went off without a hitch. Thanks to our customers who helped set up the Silvr summer market, with Merci Handy's glittery skincare, Poiscaille's delicious (French) seafood and Mira's products made for all skin types.

(Re)watch the video of this event here.

Stay tuned for a repeat of this event, made by us for you.

Published on

March 24, 2023

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