SaaS: the finance function, a growth player (Stripe & Silvr)

We organised a webinar entitled "SaaS: the finance function, a player in growth". If you missed it, we've put together a debrief on this very rewarding meeting in which Jérôme Devosse (Product Specialist at Stripe) and Pierre Youénou (Chief Revenue Officer at Silvr) participated. They both have a clear vision of the power of the finance function in SaaS environments, particularly with Stripe and Silvr. So, to find out how to make the finance function the main driver of growth: this is the place to go.

To (re)watch this webinar in full, it's over there!

What is the scope of Stripe and Silvr in the finance function?

First of all, how can we summarise the finance function within SaaS? It is the financial actors and processes that will determine the viability and possibility of a company's financial operations. This finance function enters a new dimension with the SaaS ecosystem. Thanks to tools such as Stripe, it allows automated management, centralisation of data, and better communication between departments for the optimisation of past, current and future operations.

Stripe: financial management becomes a strategic advantage

With Stripe Billing, finance teams are helped to reduce costs while looking for the best levers for growth. The tool draws on every available resource (CRM, ERM, etc.) to produce clear reports. 70% of our customers use Stripe. Decision-making is more dynamic and therefore generates revenue. This Revenue Recognition will help :

  • Cost reduction by automating financial, technical and operational processes;
  • Reducing risk by optimising the collection of payments;
  • Or improving revenue streams by unifying billing and payments.

Turn financial management into a strategic advantage. By using and mobilising the most appropriate financing solutions, SaaS finance players, such as CFOs or CFOs, will effectively manage revenues with Stripe. This secure service allows you to :

  • View your accrued income ;
  • Spread them out month by month;
  • Forecasting future cash flow ;
  • Or close your books faster each month.

Silvr: accelerate your growth by immediately materialising your future cash flow

As for the financing offered by Silvr, it will give you immediate access (within 48 hours) to your future turnover. We have already seen together how Silvr financing is a growth lever for your company. This recurring financing offer will be integrated into your financing mix as a complement to bank debt or equity financing.

Why finance your SaaS with Silvr? It is THE way to quickly transform your recurring revenues into immediate cash flow without dilution. Pierre Youénou describes Silvr as "a new lever towards an infinite runway of cash". This instant release allows you to focus on accelerating your growth.

Silvr, the SaaS solution to access your future income in 24 hours

What are the levers for the finance function to be a key driver of SaaS growth?

1. Securing all your sources of funding:

Silvr provides SaaS with new growth levers through revenue-based financing. Recognising and activating the right source of funding is critical to the finance function. While bank debt is not particularly consistent with digital models due to lack of assets, and equity raising is conditionally demanding, time consuming and capital intensive, RBF sits alongside. Alongside debt or equity raising, RBF is an ideal complement to your SaaS financing. Pierre Youénou reminds us of the importance of diversifying our sources, and points out that 40% of Silvr's 150+ current clients use Silvr financing in addition to the other two models. With this 'infinite runway', you will also retain your ability to raise bank debt or equity.

2. Planning and accelerating your investments:

Through Revenue Recognition, monitor the performance of your business. As SaaS companies operate on a recurring subscription basis, Silvr will help them to immediately convert their future revenues into cash. Thanks to the scoring developed by Silvr, you can plan, automate and anticipate your investments. This revenue anticipation gives you access to immediate cash to allocate to numerous investments for :

  • Accelerate your market entry or product launch;
  • Trigger a mission ;
  • Dedicate to recruitment;
  • Or outsource its development.

3. Improving your economic units :

This immediate cash advance is also an opportunity to improve your economic units. By anticipating certain lines of expenditure such as accommodation or structural investments. Better planning means reassurance, prediction and easier access to preferential volume discounts. Pierre Youénou reminds us that the gain obtained by these discounts is less than the cost of the debt contracted with Silvr. So you instantly unlock ROI. Still not convinced to complete the financing of your SaaS?

Find the whole of theThe exchange between Jérôme Devosse and Pierre Youénou here!

- Published
January 23, 2023
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