Onepilot, reinventing outsourced customer service

Onepilot, official partner of Silvr
Silvr surrounds itself with market experts to help digital entrepreneurs grow. Confronted with everything that goes wrong in customer support, Pierre, Adrien, Robin, Kenza and Lucas wanted to provide an instant, human and qualified response by creating the perfect outsourced customer support solution.

Their history

A customer who receives a quick and efficient response is more likely to be loyal to the brand and to convert. Although this is well known, managing customer support remains a headache for SMEs and start-ups. Former advertisers Pierre Latscha, Adrien Hugon, Robien Monnier, Kenza El Ghadouini and Lucas Bornert have seen this in their past experiences. They then decided to create Onepilot in 2020, the outsourced customer service, 100% human and qualified.

Their expertise: The company has developed tools that allow it to access its clients' back offices and intervene with a few clicks if a user is looking for an answer. Onepilot works with around fifty freelancers to guarantee availability at all times.

The solution is 100% flexible in terms of time slots and tickets processed and can be implemented within 48 hours and is available on all your channels (chat, email, telephone and social networks).

+ 100
Emerchant customers
+ 30
People in the team
+ 150
Support heroes

Their +

    • 24/7 availability
    • Local answers from native English and French support experts and enthusiasts
    • An analytics platform to track your consumption and put the voice of your customers at the centre of your strategy
    • No commitment to ensure that our interests are perfectly aligned

    Their clients

    Onepilot provides all or part of the customer support for more than 80 e-commerce sites, marketplaces or SaaS publishers such as Les Raffineurs, SPRiNG, Blissim, DR Brandt, MesDocteurs, Pony, or Beebs.

    Onepilot customers have found :

    • A 30% increase in productivity for their internal teams, who can focus on higher value-added tasks and/or tickets
    • A +20% increase in their post-contact transformation rate, particularly in the evening and during the week, when +70% of digital purchases are made

    OnePilot & Silvr

    The excellent fit between Onepilot and Silvr will help e-retailers grow by enabling them to maximise their sales while reducing their acquisition costs.

    With Silvr funding, e-retailers will be able to invest heavily in acquisition and generate more traffic to their site while Onepilot will be responsible for responding to associated pre- and post-sales enquiries, regardless of the time of day or the communication channel used.

    This partnership will also allow e-tailers to combine their acquisition strategy with a reviews and word-of-mouth strategy that will generate more retention and loyalty to improve their LTV.

    To learn more about the agency go here 👉

    - Published
    January 23, 2023
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