Offsite: 24 hours with golden Silvrnauts

Join the adventure before the next Offsite event!

Watch the video of the first Silvr Offsite event. Some figures: 44 Silvrnauts (at the time… 15 more have joined us since), 24 hours of pure joy, 18 games of table football (including 6 where teams got skunked), 2 delicious meals, 1 winning team!

Watch the video of the first Offsite Silvr.

In a few lines, here is the story of this Offsite which gathered more than 40 Silvrnauts at the Moulin de la Forge for 24 hours. Silvr's Office Managers concocted an enchanted interlude that allowed everyone to laugh and celebrate the evolution of the start-up that makes your growth leap. After reminding us how Silvr fits into the financing of all digital players, and how Silvr intends to grow in the coming years, Nima (CEO, co-founder and Thor for a night) launched the festivities for an Offsite placed under the sign of team spirit.

Silvr Offsite event: 24 hours with golden Silvrnauts – The victorious team!
Silvr Offsite event: 24 hours with golden Silvrnauts – The victorious team!

The various games revealed the sharpest minds, the delicious meals revealed who was insatiable, and the strobes showed who had Friday night fever! And while the snow was a welcome sight, the atmosphere remained warm around the fireplace, and quickly became heated on the dancefloor. The bar was set so high that we unfortunately couldn't break any records at Limbo. But it was still an opportunity to discover many talents: table football, darts, moonwalk & break dancing, karaoke, lightsaber mastery (no Silvrnauts were hurt), etc.

Do you want to discover the golden atmosphere at Silvr, join the adventure and be part of the next Offsite (which is already looking great)? This is where you'll find our many job offers!

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March 28, 2023

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