Natura Force: the Ecommerce that turns wholesale

Let’s take a look at the history of Natura Force and its founder, Thierry Sestrieres.
Natura Force, it is since 2015 the French brand of food supplements 100% natural and organic, created for the form, health and well-being. As for Thierry Sestrieres, it is a 100% southern product. He comes from Marseille and lives in Toulon, where the DNVB office is located.

How did Thierry Sestrieres develop a super healthy and ethical business of food supplements, royal jelly, vitamins, powders, seeds, berries, etc.? How has he managed to multiply the revenue by 40 since the outset? And finally, how did the three Silvr financings unlock the growth of Natura Force? Discover all the answers here, in this 100% natural success story.

The trip that changed everything

At the age of 26, he left everything behind to think long and hard about his entrepreneurial desires. Then, his itchy feet took him to South America. From Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, he crossed Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. There, this sports lover discovered the many benefits of plants. “They are so advanced in the use of maca, guarana, and all the plants they have. South Americans have such a healthy and natural diet ”.

It was there that everything changed for Thierry. He knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur before his departure, but there he realized which market to wanted to focus on: the healthy and natural food supplement market.

+ €600k
Revenue in 2021
via 3 Silvr financings
Organic and natural

Quality natural products that win people over

The launch and financing of Natura Force

After his return from this trip that increased his knowledge and nurtured his ambition, he had to build up some funds to get started. So, he briefly – and for the last time – put on his car salesman suit. To this personal contribution of €10K he was able to add a grant of €12K that he managed to obtain from a community network in Marseille called Initiative Marseille Métropole.

Innovative products that are 100% organic and natural

Natura Force invests in 100% organic and natural formulas. The specialist in food supplements sources mainly in France, from specialized laboratories. All of them respect strict specifications. Regular checks of the excipients and efficacy are carried out by laboratories, under the supervision of the DGCCRF and the watchful eye of the ANSES (in charge of food safety in France). Natura Force places great importance on its patented products, raw material sourcing, development and safety.

Customers continue to buy our products because they know they are natural and effective and of a high quality. ” Through putting so much nature into its ranges, Natura Force has been able to earn the trust of 10,000 customers – mainly in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Some of the capsules, energy bars and organic flour offered by Natura Force
Some of the capsules, energy bars and organic flour offered by Natura Force

The investments and distribution network are growing – just like revenue

The quality of Natura Force products is widely acknowledged. This is why they are “recommended by many naturopaths, dieticians and fitness and wellness centers”. And its distribution network does not stop there. The majority of sales are made on the Natura Force website. In addition, the brand now makes “15% of its revenue on Amazon ”. And “the goal of the marketplace is to quickly hit 20% of sales.

At the beginning, there were real cash flow problems stemming from stock, product innovation and brand identity. But the quality of the products quickly gained the loyalty of customers to succeed in increasing the revenue tenfold in three years.
Thierry, Natura Force founder & CEO

Year after year, the results show great promise. From €15K the first year the figure rose to €75K the second year and €150K the third, etc. Thierry Sestrieres and his team – currently made up of 2 other employees and some freelancers (a webmaster, graphic designers, etc.) – have the ambition to reach €800K by the end of 2022. They have also launched a participative fundraising campaign on Tudigo.

To continue to develop, Natura Force wanted to strengthen its brand image. This is based on the quality of its products. Therefore, it was not only necessary to invest in innovation, but also in acquisition. This is where Silvr came in to unlock the brand’s growth.

With Silvr: multiple investments for controlled growth

The quality, safety and naturalness of our products are a priority. With the cash flow relief provided by the Silvr financing, we can continue to invest in the innovation of these products
Thierry, Natura Force founder & CEO

Thierry Sestrieres discovered Silvr, and tested his eligibility. He unblocked his first financing in less than 48 hours. In total, there have now been 3 Silvr financings (totaling €95K) that have helped unlock the growth of Natura Force. To continue developing its brand, it must activate as many acquisition levers as possible. With Silvr, it is possible to invest massively in paid acquisition on Google Ads, a platform on which they had a ceiling that they have now surpassed. RBF (Revenue Based Financing) also helps Ecommerce businesses to diversify their sales channels.

We unlocked our growth through the 3 Silvr financings. At Natura Force, we have been able to invest massively in Paid Acquisition and the diversification of our distribution channels.
Thierry, Natura Force founder & CEO

Thierry Sestrieres – Founder and CEO of Natura Force – a pure product of the south of France
Thierry Sestrieres – Founder and CEO of Natura Force – a pure product of the south of France

Cash flow is also relieved of the financial burden of inventory and media campaigns. This means additional investments in product development, website maintenance, inbound marketing strategy, social networks, etc. At the same time, repayments “are tailored and flexible so that we can better manage stocks and seasonality”. Ambitions are therefore high, with the objective of meeting twenty-odd specific needs while remaining an environmentally friendly company.

At the same time, repayments are tailored and flexible so that we can better manage stocks and seasonality
Thierry, Natura Force founder & CEO

What's next? New site, new products, retail development

The cash flow relief that Silvr provides will also allow Natura Force toinvest in the future and thereby use financing as a growth vector. The first step is a new websitewhich will be live before the end of the year”. The physical retail network will also be the focus of much effort. Right now it makes up 7% of the business’ revenue, and should reach 25% within two years. And the founder concludes by comparing his entrepreneurial adventure with elite-level sport: “It's the euphoria and doubts that motivate me to seek performance and good ideas”. A force of nature.

To grow healthy, like the plants used in Natura Force products : test your eligibility on the Silvr website.

- Published
January 23, 2023
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