LXH: accelerating Ecommerce with Silvr

Once upon a time...

LXH was built on physical outlets. Following the containment period, it wanted to develop its Ecommerce activity. In 2020, the company multiplied its turnover by 6 thanks to the total amount of €280,000 financed by Silvr.

LXH is the first high-end cap brand, created by Lucas Tourasse and Antoine Van Eecke. The story begins in 2016, Lucas leaves to study in Singapore and looks for a cap. He couldn't find what he was looking for between a sporty and chic mix. He decided to create his dream cap! When he returned to France, he decided to launch his entrepreneurial adventure by developing his concept. LXH was born. Antoine joined him a few months later and the business started with online sales on the brand's website.

5 years after the beginning of the adventure, Ecommerce is at the heart of the company, even if physical sales outlets have also been created. Lucas and Antoine have two shops, one in Lyon and the other in Marseille. A third is already planned to open in Bordeaux. All LXH products are also sold in more than 120 high-end multi-brand stores as well as at Printemps in Paris. Over the years, the collections have been expanded to include headwear in the broadest sense of the word, including hats, berets, bobs, etc., as well as a number of complementary accessories.

Creation of the company
Marketing budget
x 6
Growth of revenues in 2020

Accelerating the development of LXH with Silvr

It was at the beginning of the first containment that LXH met Silvr. The timing was right: Lucas and Antoine were looking to accelerate their development through an advertising campaign. It's hard to talk about digital marketing or why it's more than necessary to your banker. Banks do not finance communication.

Without additional funding, the company was limited in its growth potential. In order to accelerate this growth, Lucas and Antoine decided to test Silvr to finance their ads.

Since the beginning of the adventure, Silvr has funded a total of €280,000 for LXH's digital campaigns . Thanks to this funding, the company has increased its turnover by 6 times in 2020. As a result of Silvr's support, LXH's online turnover has increased by several hundred percent. A success story for one of our very first customers!

The advertising campaign worked very well during the first containment, with a direct impact on our sales volume. We quickly allocated a larger budget to maintain the trend and get the business going.
Lucas, co-founder of LXH

Lucas and Antoine, the founders of LXH

A virtuous circle for physical outlets

Lucas and Antoine observed another positive effect of Silvr's funding and related advertising campaigns, this time on physical outlets.

Sometimes there is no direct return on investment on the ad campaign. But it helps to create our notoriety. We get it back one way or another. Especially at the point of sale.
Lucas, co-founder of LXH

Silvr has enabled LXH to accelerate its online sales and increase its brand awareness. What if it was your turn?

Published on

March 28, 2023

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