Le Beau Thé: a personalised investment

Once upon a time...

Le Beau Thé's B2B sales are falling due to containment. Thanks to Silvr's financing, Le Beau Thé has succeeded in its 2020 year: a 6-fold increase in turnover and the achievement of more than 200% of its business plan objective.

Marcellin and Thuy Vy want to take on a new challenge. Their passion? To create and sell a product that people will truly love, while working on positive externalities to give meaning to their work.

After some hesitation, Marcellin and Thuy Vy launched their e-shop dedicated to teas and infusions. Their innovation: personalized tea bags. This concept is quickly appreciated and the founders are contacted by big brands such as L'Occitane.

Date of creation
+ 200%
the objective of the business plan
x 6
Growth of revenues in 2020

The request is confirmed, Le Beau Thé is officially born. The company defines itself as a workshop of creations to be infused, a company halfway between the delicatessen and artistic creation. The DNVB customises tea bags to order, in small series. Gifts with a guaranteed surprise effect, for all special occasions (birth, wedding, company...).

Marcellin and Thuy Vy's main objective? To meet 4 quality criteria: 100% organic, 100% Made in France, 100% handmade and 0% plastic. The company also has a social project at heart: to give work back to people who are far from it thanks to the sewing of tea bags, products that are valued and sold to the luxury industry known for its quality and precision.

Le Beau Thé sells its products mainly on its Ecommerce site, but they are also distributed in the most beautiful boutiques in the world, from Le Bon Marché to Printemps, via Harrods.

As a reward for this great initiative, Le Beau Thé was one of the 12 regional finalists in the Talents des Cités 2021 competition and ended up as the Île-de-France winner in the creation category.

Is Le Beau Thé's entrepreneurial adventure over before it even begins?

While the company was created in 2017, it was in 2020 that it took a decisive turn: the two founders, Marcellin and Thuy Vy, decided to leave their jobs to devote themselves exclusively to their project. But two months later, the company was confined and the activity came to an abrupt halt. B2B, which represented 70% of the turnover, dropped to 0. At that point, it was hard to imagine that the entrepreneurial adventure would take a completely different turn!

The founders therefore decided to evolve their technical stack and to "break it all down and build it up again". A decision they do not regret since the year 2020 ended very well: many prestigious customers joined the ranks (Dior, LVMH or Kenzo) but also customers of heart (Emmaüs). The team closed the year at +200% of its business plan objective and more than 300,000 units were manufactured.

A good end to 2020, thanks in part to the funding of Silvr.

Style your ideas with tea

With Silvr, Beau Thé can develop new products while promoting existing ones

Le Beau Thé had a limited marketing budget that they were only investing in niche targets in hopes of generating a high ROI. With the help of Silvr, the founders were able to put budget on mainstream targets and it paid off!

Before Silvr, we had to choose between developing and launching new products or distributing our existing collections. We didn't have the cash flow to do both at the same time.

With the funding from Silvr, the team was able to focus their cash flow on new product development. The funding enabled them to invest heavily in marketing, create a niche in the world of tea Ecommerce and personalisation, and increase the company's growth and sales rapidly.

This innovative company was able to increase its turnover sixfold in 2020.

Of course, we are at the beginning of the adventure, so it is easier to get such multiples on our CA. Anyway, thank you Silvr for supporting us and allowing us to think bigger!

Are you looking for a way to boost your sales without tying up your cash? Come and talk to us!

Published on

March 28, 2023

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