Kiliba: the marketing automation SaaS company that boosts your conversion

Kiliba has unlocked its growth by annualizing its future revenues through Silvr.

Learn about the story of this SaaS company that boosts the turnover of e-tailers through intelligent marketing automation campaigns.

Silvr enables the recurring revenues for Kiliba – the marketing automation SaaS solution for e-retailers – to be annualized. Amaury de Larauze told us his story and the story of Kiliba's growth (+ 265% year-over-year, no less!). Find out about this success story here!

Kiliba: the first 100% automated marketing SaaS platform

Amaury de Larauze and Arnaud Becker started together in 2012 with Belacom, their relationship marketing solutions consulting agency. Over the years and through customer feedback, a reflection has emerged: the marketing automation is an excellent conversion tool for brands. It allows for the automation of time-consuming and repetitive tasks that depend on marketing scenarios, also known as workflows. It allows to refine contact and promotion (by email, phone, social network...) according to a behavior and a status. However, this method is still too complex to deploy.

So after a year and a half of R&D, the CEO (Amaury), the CRO (Arnaud) and their team launch Kiliba. Since 2019, this Artificial Intelligence accompanies e-retailers using PrestaShop(Silvr's partner) or Magento. It automates the strategy of marketing automation campaigns. Kiliba represents today + 1 M€ of ARR for a catalog of more than 400 customers, including very good names of the Ecommerce such as:

And many other customers, who can be found on their website!

Growth Year-over-Year
Number of clients
50 to 80%
Record opening rate

The innovative and intelligent conversion solution for all e-tailers

AI to save time and optimize conversions!

Kiliba's ten or so developers and data scientists have succeeded in setting up a total automation of Emerchants' marketing automation campaigns . The campaigns are created, personalized and sent by the Artificial Intelligence that takes care of everything:

  • The Emerchant simply connects Kiliba to his CMS ;
  • The templates are produced with the brand's corporate identity and in several languages.
  • The design and tailoring of the email is automatic based on 22 scenarios.
  • These scenarios enable you to avoid saturating the inboxes of your prospects, leads or customers, and therefore to ideally manage the marketing pressure.
  • Then the campaign is sent on the key date relevant to the target;
  • And all this in just 10 minutes!

Due to high-performance targeting AI, Kiliba increases the performance of campaigns with:

  • An average opening rate of 52% (and up to 80%) compared to an average of nearly 25%.
  • An average click rate of 8%.
  • And a 1.5x better ROI than the traditional email marketing market .

Kiliba - marketing automation to boost your conversions
Kiliba - marketing automation to boost your conversions

Kiliba faced several challenges:

Developing its product:

The first challenge was to put together the technical development team to get the product up and running. Then it was necessary to create the best connection with PrestaShop, the CMS used by most of Kiliba's customers. Today, it is also compatible with Magento(now Adobe Commerce). What about tomorrow? Compatibility with other CMS will be expanded...

Helping the understanding of automated AI technology:

Kiliba’s advantage is that it has paved the way to intelligent marketing automation in Europe. Little known to the general public, artificial intelligence clearly helps e-tailers to delegate their campaigns. Kiliba's challenge today is to make this AI a part of everyday life.

"Our AI does everything from A to Z. No need to plan the sending, no need to create a template according to the event..."
Amaury de Larauze - CEO & founder of Kiliba

Investing to grow while maintaining a healthy cash flow:

Like all startups, this SaaS company was looking to grow while maintaining a healthy cash flow. But they did not yet have the financial means to open up to other CMS while investing in other items of expenditure.

Silvr provides “serenity for seasonal changes and a comfortable cash flow”.

The RBF leader unlocking SaaS growth

After discovering Revenue-Based Financing, Amaury de Larauze turned to Silvr, the European leader in RBF (the most entrepreneur-friendly non-dilutive financing). Silvr is the Capital-as-a-Service growth lever that provides Kiliba with financing – the key to growth – as soon as the SaaS company wants it.

"With our ARR above 1 M€, Silvr's immediate cash advance allows us to unlock investments such as product development while stabilizing our cash flow"
Amaury de Larauze - CEO & founder of Kiliba

With this level of ARR, the immediate cash advance unlocks the acceleration of investments such as product development. Silvr annualizes your future recurring revenue to unlock your growth even faster.

The Kiliba team & Amaury de Larauze (CEO & founder of Kiliba)
The Kiliba team & Amaury de Larauze (CEO & founder of Kiliba)

What are the other advantages of annualizing recurring revenue?

With Silvr and this immediate cash advance on future revenue, Amaury de Larauze quickly realized that he could simultaneously:

  • Annualize the company’s revenues via monthly subscriptions without having to offer the 15% discount it does on annual commitments.
  • Secure cash flow during seasonal periods such as the beginning of the school year.
  • Record Silvr's cash advance as an expense to clean up the company's financial health.
  • Enhance the value of Kiliba in the eyes of its investor base through an optimized MRO.
  • And be more scalable, and therefore more confident about the future.

"We secure our cash flow during seasonality, and we can clean up Kiliba's financial health by labeling Silvr's cash advance as an expense"
Amaury de Larauze - CEO & Founder of Kiliba

Kiliba has broken a bunch of records, and they’re not ready to stop there!

What are Kiliba’s objectives?

  • Continue its technical development for greater compatibility with the market's CMS.
  • Maintain their strong year-over-year growth of over 250%!
  • And to become the European leader in marketing automation in the next 3 years.

The objective is clear for “Kiliba, which wants to change the game for e-tailers”.

You can also aspire to it by calling Silvr here.

Published on

March 24, 2023

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