Girafon Bleu: investing in digital while preserving cash

Once upon a time...

Girafon Bleu is an eco-responsible brand that donates a percentage of its sales to a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation of giraffes. With the help of Silvr, Girafon Bleu was able to invest in its marketing strategy and multiply its revenue threefold.

Did you know? The giraffe has been on the Red List of endangered animals since 2016. Their population has declined by 40% in just 30 years. Emmanuel was saddened to hear this news, because giraffes had had particularly symbolic importance to him since he'd been a young boy. Upon hearing about it, he decided to create his first organic cotton t-shirt, embroidered with a blue giraffe. For each order, €5 was donated to the preservation of giraffes. The idea took off and Emmanuel decided to launch his own brand: Girafon Bleu.

In addition to the preservation of giraffes, Emmanuel decided to join the Slow Fashion movement, which means Girafon Bleu is designated an eco-responsible fashion brand, offering products made only of organic cotton, sourced in a sustainable way. Although this still remains a constraint, as the costs are higher and sourcing more time-consuming, it was the only possible option for Emmanuel. There can be no preservation of giraffes without the preservation of the planet!

Date of creation
Amount of revenues donated
x 3
Growth of turnover in 2021

Today, the company has grown enormously and now offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, hats, socks, etc. It has the firm intention of growing its brand.

Following the health crisis, the brand has been strongly digitalized. Before, Girafon Bleu was present in pop-ups and ephemeral stores in Paris, Lyon and Brussels. The Covid-19 has changed things and most of the brand's sales are now made on its website.

Maintain cash flow while investing in digital marketing

Concentrating on an online sales channel brings with it the need for visibility, particularly through advertising campaigns. In the case of Girafon Bleu, there is one more element to incorporate into the equation: donations to charitable organizations.

“For every item sold, we donate €5 to the protection of giraffes. In 2020, it came to €9,500. Of course, this is the lifeblood of the brand and we are more than happy to do it. However, this is a very significant expense and has a direct impact on the company's day-to-day cash flow. We did not have the means to invest massively in our marketing strategy.”
Emmanuel, Girafon Bleu founder

While Emmanuel was thinking about his cash flow needs, he saw an advertisement for Silvr. In total, we financed Girafon Bleu to the tune of €50,000.

“Thanks to Silvr, we were able to invest in our ad campaigns. The effect was immediate: we multiplied our online revenue threefold! In addition, 9% of our revenue was donated to charitable organizations.”
Emmanuel, Girafon Bleu founder

To continue to accelerate his growth while preserving his cash flow, Emmanuel continues his collaboration with Silvr. Indeed, before Covid it was necessary to implement a physical sales strategy and a digital sales strategy. With the health crisis, the focus was mainly on digital sales. It was therefore normal to invest in order to make this strategy as efficient as possible.

The Girafon Bleu team
The Girafon Bleu team

Support to optimise advertising performance

Emmanuel highlights another positive aspect of this collaboration: Silvr's assistance in optimizing his advertising campaigns. Before using Silvr, the advertising was done by Emmanuel himself, whose knowledge of the topic could only take him so far. Girafon Bleu was able to benefit from Silvr's network of partners to optimize its advertising campaigns. That meant that the company could be recommended to experts and obtain specific advice about ad optimization.

Like Girafon Bleu, you want to optimize your cash flow while investing in your digital marketing? Ask for your financing!

Published on

March 28, 2023

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