French Bandit, the new generation pet-wear brand

Once upon a time...
French Bandit is the new-generation brand of dog and cat accessories that respects the comfort and stability that animals need – without scrimping on style, of course! But first and foremost, Bandit is the beautiful two-year-old male dog adopted in Romania by Mathieu Even, which inspired the brand.

It was in 2018 that Mathieu, founder of the brand, stumbled upon a Facebook post with a photo of a little dog up for adoption: Bandit. He had been taken in by the charitable organization Remember Me, which rescues stray dogs or dogs about to be put down. After welcoming Bandit into his home, he came to the realization that the pet-wear market was pretty dismal; everything was very functional but not all that attractive. Mathieu wanted cool, peppy accessories that reflected his dog.

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Growth of revenue in 2021
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That's when Bandit was born, the brand of accessories for animals of a new generation, which respects the comfort and solidity that animals need and of course, without neglecting the style! Mega trendy products, made in France for owners who love their pets.

Our mission: to give animals a stylish look and make their owners happy! And if we can also help animals in need, then all the better!
Mathieu, Bandit co-founder

Right from the outset, Bandit decided to give a voice to shelters, charitable organizations and abandoned animals every time an order was placed.

To raise the brand’s profile, Mathieu started out on social networks – as his team was made up of people who had grown up with the internet, it made sense to get the ball rolling with Instagram and Facebook.

With Silvr, Bandit was able to free up cash flow to purchase new products, while accelerating its marketing growth.

In 2020, the company was growing and developing and wanted to move up to the next level. It called on Silvr to finance its acquisition campaigns on social networks.
Thanks to Silvr, Bandit realized that it could increase its marketing budgets and free up cash flow to buy new products.

“Silvr gives us the flexibility to make repayments only in accordance with the revenue we generate.”
Mathieu, Bandit co-founder

Since the initial round of funding, the pet accessories brand has doubled its revenue. Silvr continues to provide it with financing and has enabled it to grow considerably.

Promising future for the brand

Today, the pet accessories market is booming all over the world. With its stylish, sturdy, made-in-France products, French Bandit stands out from the big boys. This is a strategic time for it to invest massively in its ad campaigns, to test new channels like TikTok and therefore hang out in the same places as its customers to share and have fun with them! #labandeabandit

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- Published
January 23, 2023
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