Father's Day: the Silvr selection for our golden dads

Celebrate Father's Day with Silvr on June 19 with a selection of enticing brands and products. Our dads are in for a treat with sneakers, raincoats, comic book culture, delicious coffees, healthy ciders and more.

Gueule de Joie - get drunk on love with your father (only on love)

Gueule de Joie caters for the most distinguished tastes, but always in an alcohol-free way. Introduce your father to their extensive catalog of non-alcoholic beverages, which features more than 200 sumptuous items. Whether it’s beers, wines, spirits he’s after, Gueule de Joie will surpass all your dad’s expectations – hangover-free! If you’d like to give him a gentle nudge in the company’s direction,why not give him of the many gift sets available? And yes, you can hit the road after drinking the drinks they offer, but it's still delivered to you within 48 hours. What are you waiting for to celebrate with your dad?

You can find all of these non-alcoholic drinks on their website.

Jena-Philippe Braud, founder of Gu
Jean-Philippe Braud, founder of Gueule de Joie

Belledonne - for style right down to your toes

Belledonne is the luxury French sneaker brand that aims to make exceptional products accessible. To sublimate your father's feet, choose a mix of French creativity, Porto know-how and top quality Italian materials. To support the brand's commitment to "sustainable and more responsible clothing", the brand is taking back your old sneakers thanks to their partner Redonner. Then you'll get a 10% discount voucher. Finally, if you don't know what to choose among the 6 collections (from B0 to B5) and the many colours, you can opt for the gift card!

For a father who will put style at his feet, don't go wrong with Belledonne.

Belledonne creates luxury sneakers that respect craftsmanship
Luxury sneakers that respect craftsmanship

Boutique-rhum.com - celebrating your father in style

To celebrate your father, give him a rum with character (which surely has as much character as he does)! On Boutique-rhum.com, you'll find a selection of more than 600 rums offered by nearly 90 brands, including the most prestigious in the world. Obviously, there is something for everyone, with a premium selection of white rums, agricultural rums, aged rums... If you don't know, Boutique-rhum.com is the reference for online sales of this beverage from elsewhere. Of course, it's all about refined and complete descriptions with expert advice to find the rum that fits every dad and every circumstance. The site stands out for the variety of its products and the permanent offers that are available.

Take advantage of the numerous offers that the online shop has to offer!

Discover a selection of over 600 rums!
Discover a selection of over 600 rums!

Bubble - a selection to have fun with!

What if your father joined a community of more than 200,000 users who are passionate about comics, manga, comic books...? Bubble is the e-bookstore that is 100% French and 100% fair to those who allow us to escape into these comics. Obviously, the concept is stronger than a bubble... you contribute to a collaboration of more than 100 independent booksellers. Maybe this will be the beginning of a great story (that you can write this time) thanks to the collection management tool. If you want advice, call on the experts at Bubble. And if in doubt, don't hesitate to offer a gift voucher so that your father can discover new adventures!

Give yourself a cultural escape with the vast collection of books available on Bubble.

June releases at Bubble

Flotte - colourful and durable mackintoshes

Flotte is the brand that will protect dad from summer storms (and autumn storms, of course). This responsible and sustainable brand makes its raincoats from recycled materials. So, to celebrate Father's Day, give your dad a Flotte raincoat and bring some color into his life. You can also let him choose for himself by offering him an e-gift card, or even look ahead to the other seasons with the company’s ranges of recycled down jackets, parkas, windbreakers and fleeces.

To check out all their collections, visit Flotte’s website, which is well prepared for Father's Day.

Some of the mackintoshes made from recycled materials - Flotte
Some of the mackintoshes made from recycled materials - Flotte

le gramme- Jewellery told in grams

le gramme is a minimalist brand to accessorise these gentlemen (and all dads) in the most elegant way. Since 2013, industrial designer Erwan le Louër has been sublimating men's wrists, necks, fingers and ears. All his pieces share a pure and linear DNA, with a distinctive sign that is the punching of the weight in grams on each piece. These elegant le gramme jewels are made in France, with respect for the know-how and craftsmanship of the jeweller. Created from recycled precious metals, there is a wide choice of ribbons, cables and beads with iconic finishes. And like a father's love, these jewels are guaranteed for life.

To discover all the collections, visit the website le gramme.

Discover the industrial chic DNA of the le gramme brand
Discover the industrial-chic DNA of the le gramme brand

Poiscaille - seafood for your father

(Re)discover Poiscaille’s seafood trays for Father's Day. If your dad is fond of fish, shellfish and crustaceans: he will absolutely love Poiscaille! These products are fresh, ethical and wild, and delivered in less than 48 hours to your home or to one of the 1,500 pick-up points in France. Poiscaille is responding to a more responsible type of consumer, but one that is still fond of good food and enjoys a large variety of products. Come aboard for an adventure and join nearly 20,000 subscribers.

Poiscaille's sea traps, delivered to your door!
Poiscaille's sea traps, delivered to your door!

The Mokabox - coffees from around the world for a unique dad

The Mokabox is a selection of products delivered to your home every month. You will find coffee from all over the world, and everything you need to discover it in all its aspects. The introduction to travel is complete thanks to the characterful aromas, such as those of the papas. The experts at La Mokabox offer you coffee beans that will awaken your taste buds. There are 3 offers for discovery, 100% organic and exploration. And you can drink coffee while doing something for the planet thanks to La Mokabox's commitment: 1% of turnover is donated to two associations that preserve biodiversity, forests and drinking water around the world. The commitment is also social thanks to the French artisanal roasting and packaging carried out by the ESAT in Châtillon (the Fondation des Amis de l'Atelier), which promotes integration and social inclusion.

Choose the Father's Day gift set so that your dad thinks of you every time he takes a sip!

To make your father think of you with every cup of coffee from all over the world

Archie - the super-good organic cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is known and recognized throughout the world for its generous taste with multiple benefits: this is the opportunity to introduce it to your father. One spoonful condenses the benefits of 15 varieties of whole apples that have been grown far from pesticides and pollution. So with Archie cider vinegars, celebrate the 300 year old Normandy bocages, independent, agro-ecological farming and the people who make it! Discover Archie's limited edition 500ml (award-winning authentic taste) for your father to enjoy an organic and Cosmos Organic certified cider vinegar. And all this for detoxifying, digestive, skin and weight loss benefits. Because that's what taking care of your dad is all about.

So, why not take a bite out of... er, crack!

Devan and Marina, the co-founders, surrounded by the 14-day detox and the limited edition Arcie 500 ml
Devan and Marina, the co-founders, surrounded by the 14-day detox and the limited edition Archie 500 ml

Les Bienfaiteurs - ephemeral sales for a timeless style

Les Bienfaiteurs is the community that brings together the best brands that help great causes. Each sale contributes to the financing of a worthy cause. Until Sunday June 19, poster brand Asåp Creative Studio is offering an artistic, offbeat and 100% Made in France decoration, in support of the Wings of the Ocean non-profit association. This is how to decorate your home while protecting the marine ecosystem: 10% of the sale will be donated to the association. And from next week, check out the espadrille manufacturer Paez, which is supporting an association helping children in Madagascar. So, for a stylish and socially committed Father's Day: turn to Les Bienfaiteurs!

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March 28, 2023

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