How Silvr can help you reach your next business milestone

If you like to dream big and have an appetite to grow your business, this post is for you! It has all the information you need to know about Silvr’s financing solutions. Whether you’re a start-up, a scale-up business, an e-commerce store owner or simply a digital enterprise owner re-evaluating your financial options, here at Silvr, our mission is to help all the businesses that dare to build the future. 

The future is neolending

Understandably, the financial media is awash with the reporting on economically challenging times that we currently find ourselves in. Spring 2023 brought along a cost-of-living crisis, increased tax rates and stricter borrowing criteria. Silvr however, sees spring as the season of growth and development, and we foresee many ways how this crisis can also be an opportunity to aim high.

Why are we this optimistic?

As neolenders, we remain optimistic and trust in our vision, even while we see traditional lenders making it harder for companies to receive funding. Investors are specifically shying away from investing in D2C, e-commerce and other consumer-facing companies. Companies that are receiving funding today can consider themselves the lucky minority.

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Pierre Youénou, sums up the current situation:

"There has never been more money available in the market. But it's going to fewer and fewer companies."

As a neolending platform, our strategy to empower the builders of tomorrow is the driving force behind everything we do. If you’re looking for a collaborative, consistent and trustworthy partnership, you’ve come to the right place.  

Our short-term loans and revenue-based financing solutions are different to many that are offered today, and it’s these differences that challenge the current lending models. We don't believe that your business should be held back when it’s in a prime position to achieve its future goals. And especially not when it’s your innovative business ideas and goals that are shaping our collective tomorrow.

Are you ready to reach your next milestone? Then let us tell you what makes our financing solutions stand out.

Silvr lets you use future revenue now - instead of later

We offer you revenue-based financing, which is a debt financing solution that allows you to use future revenues profitably today - instead of tomorrow.

When you join forces with Silvr we don't always suggest you strive for the highest borrowing amount as this can be detrimental to your growth. Revenue-based financing and refinancing is a great way of scaling your company in a consistent, sustainable way.

Revenue based-financing offers a non-dilutive financial injection, which is granted by us within the shortest possible time after a successful request. Not only does this financial injection secure your cash flow, it also gives you a newfound self-confidence and self-belief. You may have big plans, new expenses or new investments, but the cash flow concerns might have held you back from taking the best decisions.

One company we helped to grow, make new investments and retain a healthy cash flow is Kiliba:

"With an ARR above €1 million, Silvr's immediate cash advance allows us to unlock investments such as product development while stabilizing our cash flow. We secure our cash flow during seasonality, and we can clean up Kiliba's financial health by labelling Silvr's cash advance as an expense."

Amaury de Larauze, CEO and founder of Kiliba

Smarter capital with Silvr

By leveraging Silvr's financing solutions, you can optimise the utilisation of your capital and achieve smarter financial outcomes. You are gaining more freedom and flexibility when it comes to financial decisions.

For example, a supplier may request immediate payment of their invoice instead of waiting for the standard 30-day payment term. This sudden change of terms would have a negative impact on your cash flow. With Silvr on your side, the additional capital you have acquired gives you greater negotiating leeway.

The ace up your sleeve is that now you can agree to the payment, but with a discounted rate. After all, if your supplier needs the money sooner than the usual 30 days, they will most likely accept such an offer. The result for you is that you still have secure cash flow, but you have also increased your profit margin - by leveraging our short-term loan and making your capital work smarter for you.

Reach your next milestone faster with Silvr

In today's world, where competitive pressures are greater than ever, adaptable and forward-thinking growth strategies are a must.

Revenue-based financing provides companies with the short-term boost they need to quickly reach their next milestone. 

Aside from our fixed-rate short-term business loans, we are the market leaders in revenue-based financing in Continental Europe. So once a company receives a financing proposal from us, it can be confident that it has the backup, funding and support they need to grow. 

"Revenue-based financing can become an inexhaustible gold mine. If for every euro you invest, you end up getting two euros out of it, why wouldn't you invest that one euro?"

Pierre Youénou, Chief Revenue Officer of Silvr

Forward-thinking action goes hand in hand with a forward-thinking financing solutions.

Someone who would agree with that statement is Thomas Ceccaldi, founder and CEO of Roadstr. For Ceccaldi, it was all about growing the hybrid and electric vehicle business as quickly as possible whilst increasing Roadstr's brand awareness - which required a significant amount of cash flow. However, banks were not very cooperative when it came to financing digital activities. Traditional fundraising would have cost the company months of preparation as well as company stock.

"Silvr was the growth lever that allowed us to invest in marketing while freeing up cash. As a result, Roadstr was able to quickly and efficiently expand its electric vehicle lineup to meet growing demand."

Thomas, Roadstr Founder and CEO

A new era of financing solutions

Silvr's financing solutions address a wide range of capital needs. They help to focus on a short-term projects whilst keeping a long-term vision in sight. Regardless if what you're looking for is security, smarter solutions or pure growth - in any of these situations, revenue-based financing can bring a positive contribution to your business.

Most importantly - Silvr doesn't operate with time-consuming credit checks and loan applications. We offer financing solutions today, so you can build tomorrow.

Learn more about Silvr's financing solutions now.

Published on

May 25, 2023

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