datashake, digital marketing & data consulting partner with Silvr

datashake, digital marketing & data consulting partner with Silvr

Silvr surrounds itself with market experts to support digital entrepreneurs in their growth. datashake, a media agency, supports more than a hundred companies, including such fine DNVBs as Mr. Moustache, FROM FUTURE and Epycure in their digital strategy.

Their history

Founded in 2019 by Rémy and Anthony, two ex-Google, datashake supports companies of all sizes in their digital & data marketing strategy. Their offer is based on 3 pillars: one-off consulting missions, daily campaign management and dedicated training. With a team of more than 20 experts, the agency supports more than 150 advertisers in their digital marketing strategy.

Date of creation
+ 150
Accompanied advertisers
Consulting experts

Their + 

A working methodology focused on artificial intelligence and a reasoned use of advertising algorithms. Partnerships with platforms(Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Linkedin...) allow them to have access to the latest functionalities, to follow the best practices in campaign management and to obtain personalised recommendations.

Their scope

datashake has developed its own creative studio. Advertisers can therefore benefit from high-performance visual content. They also have access to a tailor-made reporting dashboard, for very precise monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and campaign performance.

Their expertise

The agency is certified by the advertising platforms Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn... which allows it to be part of the handful of French agencies that are privileged partners of these advertising agencies.

How they work together

Datashake 's teams not only operate and manage advertisers' campaigns, but also advise them on their strategy by being proactive. The support always starts with a thorough reflection on their marketing objectives, and the proposal of a complete strategy before any implementation of campaigns. There is then a daily follow-up of the performances, with weekly exchanges with the customer and a written report, in addition to the personalized reporting tool. Each advertiser benefits from a tailor-made support.

Their clients

datashake currently supports more than a hundred clients, including many DNVBs such as Epycure, FROM FUTURE, M.Moustache, Le Pantalon and We are jolies.

datashake & Silvr

With datashake, we have the same values. Building a strong, human relationship in order to understand the problems of each entrepreneur and find the best solutions to grow their business. A natural proactivity and a dynamic relationship and of course tools to maximise ROI thanks to a convincing expertise.

To know more about the agency, visit 👉

Published on

March 28, 2023

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