Céleste Mogador: developing B2C sales with Silvr

Once upon a time...

Following the health crisis, Céleste Mogador had to focus on its B2C sales. Thanks to Silvr, the company has invested more than €180,000 in advertising campaigns and has multiplied its turnover by 2.5 in 2021.

Céleste Mogador, c’est une histoire de couple : Pascale, la créatrice, qui assure la direction artistique de l’entreprise et Fabrice, le gestionnaire de l’entreprise, qui s’occupe notamment des parties commerciales et logistiques. C’est en 2016 qu’ils ont fondé Céleste Mogador, une marque de bijoux, accessoires et objets de décoration. Brodées à la main, ces pièces sont chatoyantes et décalées. La marque se positionne ainsi sur un segment premium.

Un univers et un positionnement qui ont déjà convaincu de nombreux clients, notamment étrangers. L’entreprise réalise en effet 70 % de son chiffre d’affaires à l’export. Les États-Unis sont le premier marché de la marque.

Date of creation
+ €180k
Marketing budget
x 2,5
Turnover growth in 2021

Increasing B2C sales to address the health crisis

Before the health crisis, 80% of Céleste Mogador's sales were in B2B and 20% in B2C. Following Covid-19, the priority objective was to develop B2C sales. The brand therefore had a fundamental need to boost its online advertising campaigns.

That's when the meeting with Silvr took place.

In 2019, our overall marketing budget was €6000. Thanks to Silvr, we were able to invest €180,000 for our advertising campaigns between 2020 and 2021.
Pascale, co-founder of Céleste Mogador

This was a necessary investment that has paid off: Céleste Mogador's online turnover has increased by a factor of 2.5 between 2020 and 2021 and the sales ratio has been reversed. The company now generates 80% of its turnover from B2C and 20% from B2B.

The company invested heavily in digital marketing in the midst of the crisis. Nevertheless, the results show that it was the right time. Thanks to Silvr's financing, the cash flow has been preserved!

Pascale, co-founder of Céleste Mogador
Pascale, co-founder of Céleste Mogador

Silvr, support that goes beyond financing

If Céleste Mogador's figures have soared in 2020 and 2021, Pascale points out that it is also thanks to the comprehensive support that Silvr provides.

We were accompanied by an agency for our online advertising. Thanks to Silvr's network of partners, we were able to be advised by another person, who analysed our ads and their performance in detail. She helped us to optimise them, with significant and positive effects on our campaigns.
Pascale, co-founder of Céleste Mogador

Silvr's personalised support goes beyond financing. When Céleste Mogador was looking for financing, Pascale and Fabrice point out that the banks would never have lent them the amounts they needed. For the simple reason that the company only had two balance sheets to present. With the help of Silvr, Pascale and Fabrice were able to obtain financing very quickly. The little extra? They also benefited from Silvr's network of partners, a very important added value for the brand's performance.

Like Céleste Mogador, you want to accelerate your sales and get advice for your campaigns? Come and talk to us!

Published on

March 28, 2023

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