BFECOM finances its inventory with Silvr to meet the European demand of the Amazon marketplace

A model that relies on Amazon's marketplace.
Benjamin Fritsch is the founder of BFECOM. He gave us some time to talk about his 100% (or almost 100%) Amazon marketplace business model; his inventory needs and their financing with Silvr; and how he managed to open new European markets.

Expand your market and reduce your inventory with Silvr

European development thanks to cash flow relief

For a year, BFECOM has been selling its many listed catalog products throughout Europe, i.e. Germany, Spain and Italy. The UK & US zones are in the pipeline and "it's a big project, even for me" confides Benjamin. Even if the internationalization brings to light several obstacles. In the UK, more specifically, there are post-Brexit repercussions on customs. "It took me a month and a half to send four products at a time when I knew nothing about the process. For the time being, the focus is on the current markets and the deployment of e-commerce sites.

At the moment, Benjamin and his team - composed of a part-time student and a part-time employee - are working on activating their two merchant sites for the Peacheez and Dealeez brands. Even if it remains a long and complex project "with all the backlinks and SEO principles", this multi-channel development is gradually taking shape.

Obviously, their strategies and expertise are consolidated on Amazon where they know how to promote and launch their products. Moreover, BFECOM knows that their precise knowledge of European markets is a key competitive advantage over the [Chinese] suppliers and resellers with the help of certain factors, i.e. localization and translation. "Our translators know the local markets and therefore know how to convey the right marketing messages." Naturally, to grow their business in the marketplace, they use tools like Helium 10 to survey the market. This allows them to source the most effective keywords and find the ones that offer the best sales ratio for an industry or product.

Why did you choose Silvr [for the long term]?

"As a private label reseller on Amazon, the obvious thing to do was to integrate the data into Silvr's scoring system. Bankers don't always understand the stability of incoming revenues made online. The fact that Silvr integrates the Amazon API is ideal for visibility: "I integrated it and Silvr quickly contacted me with a financing offer."

"Choosing Silvr was an obvious choice because the data are integrated in the scoring system. It allows us to better understand the stability of incoming revenues generated online"
Benjamin Fritsch, founder of BFECOM

Benjamin knows that he will continue with Silvr as one of his financing solutions. Why? He wants to retain control of his "baby for which he gives his all". He will continue to use Silvr's Revenue-Based Financing solution which - in addition to being flexible, adaptive and fast - does not result in any dilution. "It's exactly what we need. We can also spread out our cash flow and maintain visibility about what's coming."

+ 100%
Annual growth
Sales for the last fiscal year

The origins of BFECOM...

How did this entrepreneurial adventure begin? After completing his school education with a baccalauréat diploma in the economics and social science stream, the man from Strasbourg started studying economics at university. There, he failed his first year by 0.1 marks... And so much the better, one would have to say, because it is at this moment that he decided to launch his own company. He was inspired by YouTube videos and knew that he would be working on the Amazon marketplace. Once he had decided on the distribution model, it was time to choose whether to create a brand or get into dropshipping. In the end, although the return on investment of the private label strategy takes longer, the sales are sustainable and more stable. The rest of the story, well, you already know it.

Do you want to finance your inventory to meet growing demand across Europe, like BFECOM? Check now if you can do it with Silvr.

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January 23, 2023
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