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Marketplaces, e-tailors and B2B specialists: What if we told you that there is more to generating traffic and increasing your online sales than just buying ads from Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Sound intriguing? Introducing BEYABLE, a French start-up offering a SaaS solution to brands looking to optimize their website while maintaining control of their finances.

Optimizing brands’ websites

After training as an engineer and then working as a digital marketing consultant, Julien Dugaret created BEYABLE in the summer of 2014, with a stunningly straightforward vision that has never changed: to help brands optimize their websites from a customer relationship viewpoint. We all find ourselves on retailers' or distributors' websites every day, buying a product, finding out more about a brand, tracking a package or asking a customer service-related question.

It's pretty clear, then, that a company's web traffic is a key asset. And as far as BEYABLE is concerned, this asset is under-exploited. Why is this? Well, today, due to the diversity of hardware (computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.), the cost of acquiring online advertising is constantly increasing, and not all merchants have the means to make such investments. To make matters worse, customer journeys have become complex, with more products and more information to deal with. BEYABLE provides a form of middle ground, giving companies superpowers through a lightweight, affordable technological solution that will optimize their website, streamline the customer journey, and increase their revenue.

A tailor-made SaaS solution

BEYABLE offers a SaaS solution with several product lines. The start-up's objective is twofold: on the one hand, to improve the performance of a website ("Actions") and on the other, to better understand the digital customer journey ("Analytics").

The “Actions” side of things mainly pertains to real-time site modifications/customizations. The idea here is to increase sales, get more forms filled out or redirect customers to a store. Whether it’s instant or delayed, the site’s ROI is improved.

With the “Analytics” service, the goal is to find out what users like (or don’t like) on the site and to provide the brand, internally, with a UX/UI decision-making tool. A scoring mechanism is applied.

Let's take the example of a blog post that isn’t getting that much traffic. Could this be due to a poor layout? A shaky choice of title? A photo that doesn't jump out at the visitor? With BEYABLE, these problems quickly become a thing of the past – brands know what they need to improve on their web platform!

While the start-up took almost two years to put the finishing touches to its technology platform and find its customer base, it is now in full swing. And this is exactly what motivated BEYABLE to work with Silvr to gain more financial flexibility and continue to grow quickly.

Silvr: the ideal financial partner for SaaS companies

Until the arrival of Silvr, BEYABLE was self-financing with subscription revenues. But this situation had become increasingly undesirable for the start-up. As the company grew, it wasessential for BEYABLE to keep investing in R&D and personnel . But how do you do that when you only get your hands on one twelfth of your revenue? This is the infamous cash flow gap!

This is precisely where Silvr came in with a fast, flexible, recurring and non-dilutive financing offer.

But how exactly does it all work?

After an initial meeting, BEYABLE connected its accounts to the Silvr platform, which proceeded to carry out a precise analysis of the company's KPIs, assessed the risks inherent to its business, and then offered it initial financing. After this was approved, a cash advance of €150,000 was transferred to its account in less than 24 hours.

We were immediately attracted to the RBF model. It enabled us to make a number of high-profile hires that would not have been possible without Silvr's support.” - Julien Dugaret, CEO, BEYABLE

BEYABLE has enhanced its WCR, and the SaaS high-flier has been able to give the green light to key hires, bringing in expertise and experience, specifically engineers, and thereby unlocking previously unattainable possibilities. There is already talk of new Silvr financing in the weeks ahead.


The BEYABLE teams

BEYABLE, ambition without borders

BEYABLE is going global and Silvr is helping it to do so! The website optimization specialist’s worldwide expansion began in 2021, when requests began pouring in from clients in around 20 countries looking for support with enhancing their user paths. Now they’re in Europe and North America, and will soon be in Asia. Of course, geographical expansion eats up cash before it brings in any! Self-financing quickly reaches its limits, and the RBF proposed by Silvr is a speedy cash flow solution when it comes to opening offices abroad.

The quality of the Silvr teams is remarkable. Their sales pitch is clear, transparent and followed up by actions. They are partners who speak the same language as us! Julien Dugaret, CEO, BEYABLE

The technology solution is not lacking either. The maturity of the product has reached a milestone and BEYABLE Analytics, for example, is becoming universal and tailored to a wide variety of industries. Historically present in the retail sector (70% of revenue), the solution now responds to the needs of the tourism, leisure, finance and – more generally – service sectors. In the French market, BEYABLE is already sitting in pole position. But this is not enough for the automated marketing expert. Its three-year objective is to become the European leader, no less, and Silvr will be there to support it as it continues to grow!

With Silvr, BEYABLE benefits from fast, repeat-based, flexible and non-dilutive financing : do as they do here.

Published on

March 28, 2023

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