BailFacile: easy rental management for landlords

Landlords ? Simplified and centralised management of your rentals!

You want to rent your flat, but are overwhelmed by all the paperwork involved? The French rental system does indeed have its share of surprises... BailFacile intervenes here to facilitate the life of independent lessors and "put their rentals on autopilot". With Silvr as a financing partner and the almost instantaneous release of €150k, BailFacile is accelerating its growth through significant spending on Ads and referencing.

BailFacile is the partner of private property lessors: no need to go through an agency with exorbitant commissions to easily manage your rental procedures. BailFacile is today a real automation platform for rental management, from the setting up of a tenant to the management of the finances linked to a rental.

Easy rental management for independent landlords

The story of two brothers

After studying in Australia and a first experience in a start-up in Mexico City, Thibaud Fily sifted through the start-ups present on the CrunchBase database - a story not unlike that of Nima Karimi, CEO and co-founder of Silvr, who imported the RBF from the United States. Based on this market study and his rental experiences around the world, Thibaud realised that the management of real estate leases in France was very complex, both for the lessor and the tenant. With his brother Valentin, they created their SaaS Proptech (for Property Technology) in 2017. Thibaud (CEO) manages the Product & Marketing part while Valentin is in charge of the Technological part.

ARR reached with 4 employees
+ 300 000
Landlords registered
Silvr financing
Thibaud Fily (CEO/co-founder of BailFacile) and a Trustpilot rating of 4.7
Thibaud Fily (CEO/co-founder of BailFacile) and a Trustpilot rating of 4.7

Automated management in full compliance with the market

The two brothers started by editing rental contracts. Today, they help landlords with many specific procedures. On the website, you will find everything you need for an automated, clear and legally compliant rental:

- Customised rental leases (for furnished, empty, shared, student accommodation, mobility leases, etc.);

  • Receipts and rent reviews ;
  • Ancillary documents for the day-to-day management and entry/exit of tenants.

And of course, all these documents are :

  • Easily edited and integrated:
  • Quickly transferable by mail;
  • And secure thanks to the electronic signature and the safe.

To date, BailFacile has 5 employees. The team (that continues to build) has already managed to reach its first million euros in ARR, and the more than 300,000 customers have generated and used more than one million documents.

Customer satisfaction & seasonal investments

Quality of service at the heart of their project

With this important portfolio of customers, the mission of BailFacile is - and will remain - the relationship they have with them. Compared to the traditional real estate market, BailFacile's response times are one of their great prides. Each user of the platform can expect a response within an hour and 7 days a week. This customer relationship has earned them an excellent reputation on TrustPilot.

"We want to give the power back to landlords by making it easy for them to manage their property rentals."
Thibaud & Valentin, Co-founders BailFacile

A real estate market with its own seasonality

Julien Binder, Digital Marketing Manager at BailFacile, explains that the rental property market is experiencing a high rental season. From June to September, requests are pouring in, so BailFacile faces two challenges:

  • Anticipating these demands, while continuing to expand its customer base;
  • And to develop the brand and its online awareness.

It is very important for SaaS to anticipate these demands in order to take advantage of all these opportunities, while BailFacile's growth ambitions are far from being... easy. BailFacile's PMF (Product Market Fit) is such that Thibaud and Valentin Fily want to double their turnover by 2022. After considering the question of raising funds, they finally decided to bootstrap. And that's where their new growth partner comes in: Silvr.

Dashboard that offers simplified access to the many features of BailFacile for landlords
Dashboard that offers simplified access to the many features of BailFacile for landlords

With Silvr: they release certain investments earlier & boost their digital strategy

The door is open to anticipate certain expenditure items

By using Silvr, BailFacile's objective is to scale more quickly. The way it works is very simple, BailFacile connected their accounts to the Silvr platform, then the scoring tool analysed their MRR taking into account their churn rate. Given their performance, they were able to release €150k in funding, which they distributed as follows:

  • 75k was used for paid search with Google Ads;
  • 50 k€ allocated to the development of the team, notably by completely relocating their developers;
  • And the last €25k is used for various marketing actions such as improving the editorial strategy.

"Thanks to Silvr, we have been able to invest in all our areas of expenditure and thus accelerate our growth "
Thibaud & Valentin, Co-founders BailFacile

Silvr quickly converts your recurring revenue into immediate cash flow in a non-dilutive way. It is therefore the possibility to develop their products and to recruit. So BailFacile customers can look forward to many new features, as well as the consolidation of the platform and the development of the current product. This would have taken much longer without Silvr, the SaaS growth accelerator.

"We were able to accelerate our growth significantly thanks to Silvr, otherwise we would have had to wait more than a year to recruit, develop and invest so much in the acquisition."
Thibaud & Valentin, Co-founders BailFacile

"You'll love managing your rentals" - ©BailFacile
"You'll love managing your rentals" - ©BailFacile

Gaining online visibility for better conversion

The online visibility and referencing of the platform is a long term work that requires many operations, but the ROI on conversion is great. Between March 2021 and March 2022, the conversion rate jumped by 56%. BailFacile has been able to maintain a very healthy LTC/CAC (Customer Lifetime Value → Customer Acquisition Cost) ratio despite the increase in Ads spend. In addition, the LTV increased by 62% to over €312 (the standard package is €90 per year).

What are the horizons for BailFacile?

BailFacile's objective is to become the reference on the market, or at least to remain so for B2C and to become so for B2B. Indeed, BailFacile's ambition is to develop its solution for private structures. To do so, the reference SaaS Proptech intends to call upon Silvr again. We were informed that other projects were underway, but we promised not to say anything... To follow their news and stay up to date on the independent rental market, find all their guides here.

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Published on

May 25, 2023

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