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Silvr reinvents financing for digital companies. As the European leader in Revenue-Based Financing, Silvr has developed an operating system that allows digital companies (SaaS, Ecommerce, etc.) to access a portion of their future revenues in less than 24 hours. Silvr has surrounded itself with the best talents to build a team of experts and develop its offer.

We took a look at Silvr's finance team and asked Arnaud, 27, a financier who has just left October to join us as a Risk Analyst.

We thought you might like to know a little more about him :)

Hello Arnaud, what training have you done?

Arnaud : "I did a master's degree in management with a specialisation in corporate finance at IESEG in Lille. I had a first experience in microcredit at Microstart in Belgium to finance entrepreneurs with no or little access to the banking system. Then I went to Xerox to finance computer equipment.

Your first job was at October, can you tell us more about what you did there?

Arnaud: "Effectively I joined October in 2018, a participatory financing platform specialised in amortising debt for SMEs in any sector, as a Credit Analyst. A very nice 3-year experience that allowed me to evolve in this ecosystem.

In concrete terms, my mission was to put together financing dossiers by doing financial analysis, business model and fraud analysis. I also participated in the improvement of tech and decision support tools. "

What was your biggest challenge?

Arnaud: "Getting new clients financed in a completely paperless way in less than a week."

Why did you leave October?

Arnaud: "It was simply a crush that made me go. I met Nima a few months ago and when he told me about the Silvr project, about this innovative solution, I said to myself that I couldn't miss it. Discovering Revenue-Based Financing and being the first to apply this model in France is just super challenging. I've been with Silvr for several weeks now, but I have no doubt about our future ;)"

What is your mission at Silvr?

Arnaud: "At Silvr, my mission is to implement good risk practices by refining the business and financial scoring. This will allow us to better control the default rate on financing while monitoring our client portfolio.

My role is also to analyse the economic environment of our clients and to set up automation processes so that we can make a decision very quickly on our financing agreements."

What do you like most about your job?

Arnaud: "I love discovering new business models and new financing solutions. Basing the financial and performance analysis of companies on tech is just so exciting.

I also like the ability to analyse and score companies based on non-falsifiable data. Silvr plugs into business management platforms and has access to real-time data. The RBF allows us to accompany clients over time while tracking their data in order to propose new financing according to their needs.

It's also a real pleasure to see the progress our customers have made as a result of the funding we've provided."

What are your ambitions at Silvr?

Arnaud: "I want to implement the most efficient tools that will allow us to keep a controlled risk but also to automate the decision processes and bring a quick response to our customers by offering them the best path."

Any final words?

Arnaud: "Simply delighted to join this team of experts and to be the first in France to make financing accessible for digital companies!"

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January 23, 2023
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