58 Facettes: accelerating sales while conserving cash

Once upon a time...

58 Facettes is a marketplace dedicated to responsible jewellery. It called on Silvr to accelerate its sales and concentrate its cash flow on strategic actions. Its success: a 4-fold increase in turnover in a few months.

58 Facettes started when Alexis, the founder, was looking for an engagement ring. He started looking for an independent jeweller who would be able to create a custom-made and therefore unique ring for him. After a lot of research on the internet, Alexis realised that there were many jewellery websites but that there was little transparency.

Date of creation
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Turnover in 2021
Amount financed with Silvr
"I didn't know anything about jewellery. If you don't come from this world, it's impossible to find your way around and to know all the richness that exists in it. I thought it was a pity that in France, there was no reference in this field that could bring together the best of jewellery. 80% of the jewellery sold in the world is designer jewellery."
Alexis, co-founder of 58 Facettes

During the first containment, Alexis and Eric initiated the first partnerships with jewellery houses. Their goal was to create a web platform that sells jewellery products and offers a range of online services (personalisation, customisation, cleaning, repair). Alexis wanted to redefine the purchase of jewellery to be more reasoned, transparent and simple through new and second-hand designer jewellery. With the rapid return of vintage in many sectors, 58 Facettes is one of the selections of second-hand jewellery websites, certified and whose origin is assured under expertise.

Using Silvr to build brand awareness

When 58 Facettes was launched, the challenge was to build an offer that made sense and was attractive in order to make itself known and accelerate acquisition.

"We wanted to create an attractive offer by selecting partners with real know-how. As far as second-hand jewellery is concerned, we only work with professionals who make an expertise beforehand."
Alexis, co-founder of 58 Facettes

58 Facettes called on Silvr to expand their customer acquisition. The company invested €40,000 in an initial financing round that allowed them to accelerate their growth and easily reallocate cash to equally important projects (recruitment, platform development).

"We chose Silvr because it was the only solution that was complementary to our business. Thanks to fintech, we have greatly increased our marke ting budgets and seen our turnover multiply by 4."
Alexis, co-founder of 58 Facettes

The 58 Facettes workshops

A promising future for the marketplace

Today, there is a huge growth potential in online jewellery. This means a strong acceleration of attraction and sales on the platform for 58 Facettes. The marketplace is planning to reapply to Silvr for funding for the last few months of the year, which is a big sales period. Alexis and her team have been able to demonstrate commercial traction and gain the confidence of investors. They will now be able to prepare their second round of funding to enter the international market.

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Published on

March 24, 2023

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